Apr 26, 2014

Back Again: Look What I Found Friday

“Look What I Found!” Friday is BACK!

I’m all giddy about bringing “Look What I Found!” Friday back to the blog.

Of all the vlogs I’ve done over the years, my “LWIFF” vlogs are the ones I get the most emails, messages, and people-on-the-street comments about.   I think it’s because I only feature the stuff I TRULY dig and have found to be boomtastic in some way.

Brands plop all sorts of things on my doorstep to try, with the hopes that I’ll write, or vlog about them, or maybe even include them in one of my TV segments. Some are amazing, some…not so much.  I decided a long time ago that I didn’t want to ever become a “review” site.  In my opinion a TRUE review site REVIEWS a product and tells you the good, bad, and ugly if necessary. I would rather skip the bad and ugly and just tell you about stuff I think is all good.

I get that not every girl is gonna dig what I dig, and that’s cool. But I also believe that I’m not all that different than most modern moms who love a good recommendation now and again.  Mine just happen to come in vlog form. On Fridays.

Today’s 2 products you can find in the drug store and are super affordable.

Garnier makes the cleansing oil I showed, and Aveeno is the brand of BB cream foundation I use every darn day now.  Hope you find them yummy as well.

From fashion and beauty, to food, home goods, and everything in between, LWIFF is my place to tell you what’s worth your time and money…in my humble opinion.

And if there is something you think I simply must “give-a-go”, LMK!

See ya next Friday, ya’ll!


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