Sep 10, 2014

How to Dress Up A Sweatshirt

It’s beginning to feel a wee bit like fall around these parts, and while I’m still not giving up my flips, I’m definitely beginning to grab for an extra layer at night. One of this season’s go-to trends is the kicked-up sweatshirt. They’ve come a long way from the gymnasium.

Here is a collection of ways to style one when you just want to feel a little more comfortably polished during the day, or you’re headed out for a casual night out with your man, or girlfriends.

Some of my picks are a little pricey, they’re meant as inspiration… I love to go and create these same looks for less! (I’m looking at you Target, H&M, and Forever21). I think these fancy sweats are the perfect way to play with your look this autumn.

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