Aug 4, 2015

A Playful Skirt and a Plain White Tee... A Very Dynamic Duo

 Welcome to the refreshed ""!  So glad you came by.  I thought I'd kick off the site's new look, with a post about one of my favorite fashion looks of the summer.

 My fashion muse the last 3 months has been the dynamic duo of fun skirts mixed with my new favorite plain white tee from American Giant.  (My husband Jon is full-on obsessed with American Giant, home of the made-in-America line of apparel including "the world's best hoodie" and beyond fantastic tees).  Jon bought me a batch of white tees from AG at the start of summer just to prove to me how truly perfect they are, and now I'm hooked too.  They cost a little more then the ones at Target, but they last more then 2 washings and won't have arm pit stains after one wearing.  How much do you loathe arm pit stains!!!?  My AG tee of choice is their V-neck. Super flattering.

I traveled to the Outer Banks for my brother's wedding in June, where over the course of the wedding weekend,  I relied heavily on this always perfect pair. It made packing a snap. My now sister-in-law kept saying "I never would have thought to put a plain white tee with all these fancy/fun skirts, but it looks great!"

So today I am sharing some of my favorite looks.
The plain white tee is a wardrobe's jack of all trades. Adorable under overalls, fresh and flirty over your bikini, your boyfriend's favorite look when matched with a pair of denims, and the perfect backdrop... or "top drop", with your most playful skirts. A crisp white tee is a beautiful skirt's noncompetitive dance partner. It happily allows its mate to steal the show every time.

Hope these looks inspire you to play with your style a little more as we head into the second act of summer.  If you haven't refreshed your white tees yet this that first.  Then mash em' up with the most fun and festive skirts in your closet!


Skirt: Anthropologie

new favorite hat: Anthropologie
Skirt: Zara
Boots: Betty's Boots, Nashville

Skirt: Francesca's Closet
Shoes: Vintage Tory Burch

Skirt: Express

*Share your own white tee & playful skirt mash-ups on Instagram using our hashtag #BeWellPlayed... we'd love to see how you're playing with your style this summer!


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