May 5, 2016

Easy DIY Mother's Day gifts from kids that moms will love

This morning on TODAY, I shared a few ideas for some super easy crafts kids can make as Mother's Day gifts. And trust me, moms will LOVE getting this stuff (and not just because their kiddos did some DIY).

Here's the rundown of DIY gifts in the segment:

  • Personalize mom's tea collection with photos and love notes
  • Make her giggle with picture perfect vases and "chia kids"
  • Decorate her pillows with sweet and silly phrases
  • Use flowers and cardboard to create a personalized centerpiece
  • Use non-toxic nail polish for marble-dipped coffee mugs
  • Use lemons and paint for citrus-stamped tea towels

Most of these Doable DIYs use materials you can find super cheap, even at the dollar store. They're also really easy for even the smallest hands. 

Happy making! And Happy Mother's Day to all my mama friends!


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