Aug 15, 2016

Meet the 2016 Summer Olympics Mascots

So far we're loving all the Olympic games coverage. (Is Michael Phelps really a merman? Probably.) But there's still a week to go and we know a quick trick to keep kids engaged: introduce them to the official Rio 2016 mascots: Vinicius and Tom!

Not only are these little dudes super cute, kids can learn a lot about Brazilian culture by getting to know both mascots. You can read all about them on the official Rio 2016 site.

Vinicius, the Olympic Games mascot, is a mashup of Brazilian animals and was born in an "explosion of joy" when it was announced Rio would be hosting the games.

Tom, the Paralympics Games mascot, is a mixture of all the plants in the Brazilian rainforests. And in a celebratory spirit, was born out of an "explosion of happiness" when it was announced Rio would be hosting the games.

You can't not be cheerful when looking at these mascots.

A few ways to interact with Vinicius and Tom:


  • Athletes of the Future: Take a quiz to find out what Olympic sport suits you best
  • Facebook: Like Vinicius and Tom on Facebook to see what they're up to in Rio. (You can also look them up on Instagram!)
  • Selfies: You may not be able to travel to Rio to watch the Games, but you can still take a selfie with the mascots!
  • Watch: Watch the mini-episodes all about Vinicius and Tom's adventures


How is your family celebrating the Olympic Games? Do you watch together? Compete in your own? I'd love to know!


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