Mar 15, 2017

Hallmark's NEW Signature line

During Oscar weekend here in LA, I was invited to the GBK Oscar gifting lounge by my friends at Hallmark, to check out some of the swag the movie stars received over Oscar weekend.

Along with shoes, bags, jewelry, and all sorts of food and other goodies, was the new Hallmark Signature line of fun and beautiful cards.

I’ve always LOVED a beautifully designed and written greeting card! And this new batch from Hallmark Signature are seriously some of the most creative and fanciful ones I’ve ever seen.

Years ago I met the Hallmark folks at a social media conference and got a chance to speak with some of their very talented card writers…(DREAM job in my book). I was so taken by their process and after seeing their new line, have decided it’s time for me to send more snail mail. I miss getting cards in the mail, and I am 100 percent sure that others do too.

Digital messages of love are lovely, but there is nothing like receiving beautiful, heart-felt card in the mail from a friend or dear family member.

Check out some of my favorites from the line below and a link to see the whole fabulous collection. I LOVE the 3-D effects of sprinkles and little gems and other playful effects. And the wooden cards!! Perfect for popping into a frame to be kept forever.

Cheers to more cards in the mail!!

PS Have you seen these Wonder Woman stamps? I'll be placing them on dozens of envelopes for sure.

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