Sep 26, 2017

Five Fall Wardrobe Must-Haves With a Twist

I'm a big fan of finding good ol' wardrobe staples–a white tee, jeans, a black blazer, etc–that have a little extra something. A small twist on a classic that makes it a little more trendy and a LOT more fun to wear.

Getting dressed in the morning is a lot more fun when your has a little more "umph!" to it.

I've been peeking around some of my favorite shops and LOVE some of the new fall pieces I'm seeing. Classics, with a bit of sass. Totally up my alley.

Leather Jacket

This Luna Floral Patch Faux Leather Biker Jacket is making me think florals really do belong in a fall collection.

Olive Chinos

Loving the tracksuit style showing up on denim right now and loving it just as much on these Satin Stripe Chinos.

Gray Sweatshirt

I'm a sucker for a cheeky piece from J. Crew, including this classic gray sweatshirt with "Amour" embroidered on. Just a touch of the unexpected.


100% in on overalls being back in style. This summer, I wore a pair of denim overall shorts basically all the time. These Pilcro Velvet Overalls have my eye for fall though.

Cozy Beanie

It may be a few more months until I'm able to rock a beanie in LA, but I'm planning ahead. I like that the patches on this Happy Place Patched Pom Beanie have a vintage vibe, and that poof is HUGE.

What is your Fall wardrobe must-have?

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