by Captain Australia on March 27, 2011

Captain Australia’s Journal, Entry#88

Averaging about 4 hours sleep a day, the rest of my time is spent juggling obligations under my secret identity, and finding time every day to come online and correspond with people who have questions, comments, requests and challenges.

In the coming month or so, I hope to find more time to redirect to my Quest as Captain Australia, and in the meantime I have Cipherman putting the finishing touches on my shield (I will post pictures once it’s ready), and an un-named artisan outlining schematics for the Captain Australia uniform 2.0, which will have in-built body armour, as well as a head-mounted camera and a bunch of other gadgets and tactical assets.

For now, I focus on keeping my personal life in order, and finding time every day to train.  I’m up every morning at around 5am, and putting in hours doing resistance training, running, dancing and good old fashioned calisthenics.  If you’ve followed my journal, you know that I publicly acknowledge slowly gaining weight since turning 30 (kinda like Elvis), and I’ve been working hard to turn that around, dropping from a woeful 109k about a year ago down to 84 now.  It’s funny how things like that can creep up on you, even if you keep to an active life-style. Still many hours of hard work to go, but getting there.

Below are some examples of exchanges I’ve had recently.  For the moment I’m keeping my mails and conversations with the three candidate sidekicks private, as I don’t want to expose them to any ridicule or public attention until we reach a point where we can cement and formalise the partnership.

Interestingly, there was one regrettable interaction where one young man was harassing another young man, insisting that he was, in fact, Captain Australia.  I was able to mediate and settle the misunderstanding, but I believe it caused some distress, which I am deeply sorry for.

Emerald March 27, 2011 at 4:49 am

Dear Captain Autralia,
I’m an ordinary highschool girl and I have a small query…
You wouldn’t happen to support sexualy diversity would you?
I mean, it’s fine if you don’t i guess since y’know, everyone’s entitled to their own opinion and all…
But I just think it would be awesome if you could possibly promote sexual diversity (as well as maybe cultural diversity too!) y’know, since you’re already promoting anti-bullying and all…
I just think that there’s a whole heap of discrimination going on in Australia with racism and homophobia and i thought it’d be nice to lessen that…
Thanks :)

Captain Australia March 27, 2011 at 7:06 am

Hello Emerald
I absolutely support people’s right to live a safe and carefree life. Basically, if you aren’t hurting or taking from somebody, you are my mate and I want to help you if you have a problem.
So on the topic of diversity v discrimination, I stand pretty firmly on the side of diversity, and condemn anybody who would reject someone because of an attribute. (What the attribute is, doesnt really matter, it could be sexual preference, appearance, a disability, anything at all).
Frankly, it doesnt matter if you’re chocolate, vanilla or pistachio with a peanut swirl : it takes a whole lot of flavours to make a rich and diverse world. I stand against those who say we are not entitled to choose.
If I can ever help you, please don’t hesitate to make contact.
Your friend
Captain Australia

Sophie March 25, 2011 at 4:02 am

Hi, Thanks for doing what you do. I find you a really inspirational person. You have inspired people at my school as well. Ill tell you what happened. Ill call them guy1 and guy2 so dont have to give names. Guy1 was calling guy2 names and throwing stuff at him. Guy2 grabbed his hand to stop him throwing stuff. Guy1 tried to punch him but the Guy2 pushed him to the ground. Guy2 raised his fist to Guy1′s face but instead of punching him in the face, he offered him his hand and helped him up. Guy1 started cying (out of shame I think) and apologized. Guy2 was known to be normally quite a violent kid, on this day we were talking about bullying and a teacher showed us your website and told us about you. Eversince that day Guy2 has completely changed. I have become quite good friends with him. He even helped me overcome my fear of heights at camp, when I was too scared to go on the high rope.I was crying and shaking and refused to go up. He spoke to me and calmed me down and convinced me to go up with him. I did and it was the best thing I have ever done. Thanks so much. I just thought you might like to hear how you have helped people you haven’t even met. You are an inspiration.

Captain Australia March 25, 2011 at 6:02 am

Sophie, thank you very much for taking the time to share this, I am deeply touched and inspired. Knowing that I can have this constructive influence is a deep responsibility, and I promise to do my best to live up to it.
It sounds like ‘Guy2′ has turned from a darker path and is taking steps toward becoming a fine human being. If my influence played even a small part in making that happen, then everything I’ve done so far is completely worth while.
Thank you again.
Your friend
Captain Australia

Curious Anon March 20, 2011 at 3:44 pm

Hi there, Cap. I’ve just discovered your site today, did some looking around, and have to say I’m fairly impressed with what you have here, even if it, at times, seems a tad vain or gaudy. Anyways, I was curious as to whether you had ever considered a career in law enforcement as an alternative to the work duties of your secret identity. While I admit that you have a point in regards to the law and its accidental tendency to protect and harbor those who would do evil, your weekly patrols sound woefully inefficient by comparison. Additionally, the training involved in such work would likely enhance your evil-squashing capabilities, if you were to decide to maintain your supehero duties in addition to the police work.

I understand if it’d be too much, though. I mean, it’d probably be terribly awkward and silly if you came across a crime scene while on some vigilante patrol, and then had to fake an accent to keep coworkers from recognizing you. It also might be more dangerous work than what you’re comfortable with. The possibility that the local police already recognize you just occurred to me as well, so…huh. I think I just countered my own argument. Err…anyways, do you have anything else to add to my silly ramblings?

Captain Australia March 27, 2011 at 7:10 am

Hello Mate
I can’t disclose what I do in my secret identity day job, but you did pretty much answer your own question. I know that to many the Quest of Captain Australia might seem ridiculous, but putting on the mask and uniform is my way of trying to make the world a better place.
Efficiency isn’t necessarily part of the equation, but yes, if my Quest were solely and purely about fighting crime, maybe going to police academy would be the path to follow.
But that isn’t my only goal – and it’s also worth wondering whether, in terms of efficiency, I could do more good as Captain Australia or another constable on the beat.
An open question, I guess.
In any case, if I can ever help you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Your friend
Captain Australia

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