The 5 Best Places For Golden Tate To End Up On Draft Day

by Erin McLaughlin on April 15, 2010 · 0 comments

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In spite having a season in which he won the Blientikoff Award as the nation’s best receiver, Golden Tate has really been overshadowed by Jimmy Clausen heading into the draft. It is understandable to a point since Clausen is projected to go in the top 10 and Tate is probably a 2nd round pick.

Even still, Tate has a chance to very a very good pro. Like anything else though, he needs to be in place where his talents will be utilized in the right way in the right system. Below is a list of five teams where Golden Tate would have his best chances of success. It is ranked in order of best chance to worst chance.

#1. Kansas City Chiefs

What better place for Tate to go than to a team that has an offensive coordinator that already knows how to utilize his talents. Of course, I am referring to former Notre Dame Head Coach Charlie Weis. Weis will undoubtedly run the same system in Kansas City that he did in South Bend.

The Chiefs also have a very promising young quarterback in Matt Cassel. Cassel to Tate could become a household name.

#2. Denver Broncos

If Tate can’t get hooked up with Weis once again, maybe he can get the next best thing. That is Josh McDaniels who was mentored by Weis and runs an offense that is nearly identical.

Who will be throwing Tate the ball is still a bit of a mystery. It will likely be Kyle Orton to start the year. If he falters however, Tate would then be catching balls from fellow Notre Dame alum Brady Quinn. That would be a great fit having a quarterback and recevier both from the same system working a more advanced version of that system.

#3. New England Patriots

Now if Tate doesn’t end up going to teams that have taken the same system he was in in college, how about the team that started that system to begin with?

For Tate to be able to go to a team where he can catch passes from a legend like Tom Brady would really be a dream come true for him. The only problem is that he would be be behind two Pro Bowl receivers in Randy Moss and Wes Welker.

At the same time, that could be a good thing. There will be less pressure on him to come in and challenge for a starting job right away. Also, defenses will key on Moss and Welker and that could open Tate up.

#4. Arizona Cardinals

This could be a good fit for Tate even though it is a different system than he is used to. Arizona in recent years has featured a triple threat at wide receiver with  Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, and Steve Breaston. With Boldin now gone, they need somebody to replace him.

Defenses will put alot of attention on the other receivers and that could open up Tate.

The only trouble is that this team may be in trouble at quarterback. With Kurt Warner retired, Matt Leinart will now finally have to live up to the hype that made him a first round pick. If that doesn’t work out, newly acquired Derek Anderson could be throwing balls to Tate. That has the potential to be really good, but also really bad.

#5. Pittsburgh Steelers

Here is another team that really features wide receivers in recent years. With the recent trade of Santonio Holmes to the New York Jets, this team desparately needs somebody to line up across from Hines Ward. With all the winning tradition of this organization, it could be a great fit.

Of course Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best quarterbacks in the league when his is able to keep his pants on.

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