Sep 24, 2013

Jumping Into Blogging A Little Deeper

Jumping in…a little deeper. 

I’ve been at this blogging business for a whole lot of years now and I finally feel like I’ve truly figured out my unique place in the sea of on-line expression.

For me, it’s all about the art of living playfully. And how PLAY-full-ness can positively impact our personal relationships, mental state, work environment, home life, creativity, friendships…basically everything.

Over the years, I’ve written about my boys when they were wee, I’ve done bucket loads of reviews and features of brands I love, or just really liked, I’ve vlogged many an hour from my kitchen island, and I’ve been lucky enough to leap from on-line to on-air and discover how at home I feel in the land of TV.  It has been quite a surprising, and playful, and workin’ my tail off kinda ride so far.

But every September I get a sense of new beginnings and a deep feeling of excitement for what the “new year” might bring.  I feel it in the fall, my favorite season, much more than I do January 1st.  The beauty and awkwardness of working in the on-line space is that one can never, ever, really predict just what might be around the bend.  And I’ve come to LOVE that part of this whole thing. (this took some time).

Anyway, all that is to say It feels like a jumping in and swimming in deeper waters kind of year. So over the summer I hired a brilliant web designer, Alaina Buzas and together we created a fresh new space for “what’s around the bend”.

On my new “Well Played” blog I’ll be posting my own playful content, as always, and curating the best ideas, activities, and inspiration for taping into our playful spirits on a daily basis.

So come back often and join the conversation! We’re all in this together.

Here’s to being #WellPlayed in this new year.
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