15 Engaging Counting Songs for Teaching Your Kids
Simple Steps to Teach a Child to Write Their Name

8 Simple Steps to Teach a Child to Write Their Name

There are a few skills that we have gradually learned since childhood. Can you recall how you began to write the name when you were a kid? We all know that learning to write a name is a crucial skill for a child’s early development. This is because it helps them communicate their identity and …

Gross Motor Skills Examples for Every Age

Gross Motor Skills Examples for Every Age

Have you ever noticed the different growth stages of a child? They are very interesting and gradually progress with the child’s age progression. This child's development journey brings struggles, happiness, excitement, and bewilderment into the parent’s life. However, some of the factors related to this journey remain unclarified to some parents. The motor development stage …

15 Engaging Counting Songs for Teaching Your Kids

15 Engaging Counting Songs for Teaching Your Kids

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to teach your little ones how to count? Look no further! Counting songs is a fantastic tool for children to learn numbers while having a blast. This blog will explore the world of singing songs and their impact on early childhood development. We will delve into …

80 Purple Things and Purple Activity Ideas for Kids

80 Best Purple Activity and Thing Ideas to Engage Kids

Purple is a color that has always attracted people throughout the centuries and has held a special place in human culture. It is associated with royalty, luxury, and creativity. In ancient times, only the wealthy and influential could afford garments, as purple dye was an expensive and rare commodity. This association with royalty has continued …

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Classic Punishments for Teenagers

10 Classic Teenage Punishments Every Parent Should Know

Teenage is the most adventurous stage in parent's as well as teen's life. In that situation, kids who are going through such a phase observe a lot of change in their lives. Especially when it comes to behavioral issues, in such cases, parent's roles become most important to teach kids about the right path and …

40 List of Animals that Start With the Letter V

40 Animal Names Starting with The Letter V

Buckle up! To go into the realm of animal names that start with the letter V., we have expertly curated for you the list of 40 animal names starting with the letter V. Each animal would leave you in awe. You may come across names you have not heard before and wonder whether such animals …

35 Fun Tag Games For PE to Stay Active

35 Tag Games to Try in PE Class

Tag games are a great way to keep kids and adults engaged in an activity. These games are exciting and thrilling, making for great playtime activities. This game of "tag" starts with one of the players being "it" and then chases the rest of the players in the game and touches them to tag them. …

30 Fun Word Games to Play in the Car with Kids

30 Games to Play in The Car for Kids to Enjoy on Road Trips

Long road trips via car can be boring, especially for kids. So, how to best kill the boredom? Staring at the road, fields, and even scenic locations can be done only for a while. Kids can often get jittery and start fighting or nagging, which can further irritate you and spoil your mood. It can …

Best Kids Scooters

Top 10 Scooters for Kids and Toddlers

Are you looking for toddler scooters for your boy or girl? It can often be hard to decide which scooter to take from the myriad of options available online and in physical stores nowadays. So, here we have a blog that can come to your aid in spotting the right toddler scooter for your kid …

Fine Motor Skills- A Guide for Early Childhood Development

Fine Motor Skills: A Guide for Early Childhood Development

A child goes through several development stages while growing up, such as physical development, mental development, physiological development, emotional development, motor development, and various others, which are not firmly mentioned anywhere. However, all these development stages are equally important to promote the healthy growth of a child. In these stages, you will come across an …

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