10 Best Twin Over Full Bunk Beds Options for Kids

10 Best Twin Over Full Bunk Beds Options for Kids

Bunk beds are an ideal solution for your kids’ room to accommodate enough bedding space for them without wasting space in the room. If you have two children in your family and want to keep the children together in a room, a twin over full bunk bed gives you the solution for their own beds in a single place.

You can have plenty of options of twin bunk beds in the market to choose from, matching your kids’ room and their choice. There are multiple options like wood, metal sticks, PVC bars, and millions of designs with easy ladders for the upper bunk and added storage devices for the kiddies.

You can match with designs, colors, and shapes to make a dreamy contrast with the wall for your babies. Moreover, these twin-over bunk beds are well-built and durable enough for the safety of your babies. These are detachable and easy to fit for maintenance and redesigning your babies’ room.

Best Twin Over-Full Bunk Beds for Your Kids

1. Gray Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Storage Drawer

Gray Twin Over Full Bunk Bed with Storage Drawer

This particular twin-over-full bunk bed is unique furniture for your kid’s bedroom. It comes with a stunning gray look and a gorgeous design made of plywood, pinewood, and MDF. The upper bunk has a beautiful guard railing with a guarded staircase.

The lower bed is a little wider and ideal for the big brother/sister with a pet, toys, or another chap. The lower bed has a set of drawers, while there is a set of shelves and drawers with the stairs, too. Kids can keep their ‘own’ belongings there. This twin bunk bed design is so good you can even fix bedside reading lamps if required.

2. White Wood Twin Bunk Bed

White Wood Twin Bunk Bed

White wood twin bunk beds have a unique look and are easy to match with the floor and wall to make a beautiful contrast. This also comes with a complete wood finish with an upper bed railing, a lower bed under drawers, and a side staircase with shelves.

This exotic twin bed design has beautiful wicket covers on the top. Stairs also can be converted into covered shelves or drawers. This is an ideal twin over full bunk bed with plenty of spaces, drawers, shelves, and enough space for beds. Your kids will love to explore and enjoy it. On the other hand, this is also easy to fit and maintain whenever needed to reassemble.

3. Metal Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

Metal Twin Over Full Bunk Bed

This safety-focused twin-over bunk bed is made of metal stripes. The metal stripes are well-built and powerful enough to hold weights. The uniqueness of the design is it comes wider to the front at the lowercase, and the staircase is typically designed in the same shape. It has strong railings and cover guards for safety. The design is not so junked with drawers or shelves.

However, it has enough space around and beneath the lower bed if you want to add any pacemaker. The unique blackish or dark metal stripes add a simple but fresh look to the structure of this twin-over-full bunk bed, where you can use bed sheets or linens of any color and design to make it attractive.

4. Pinewood House Design Bunk Beds with Staircase and Slide

Pinewood House Design Bunk Beds with Staircase and Slide

This unique design has a house-top-like structure on the top and a slide for your kids to enjoy the time. The lower bed is crisscrossed with the upper one to make space for the slide from the top floor. You have a beautiful staircase on the side with railing and drawer shelves.

The slide is also protected from the sides and has a smooth, polished surface to go through safely. The exciting thing is the top house roof structure, where you can add covers or lighting to bring a home camping adventure for your kids. The twin-over-full bunk bed with a slide structure is strong, durable, and easy to fit for cleansing and maintenance.

5. Metal Triple Bunk Beds

Metal Triple Bunk Beds

This uniquely designed bunk bed is ideal for more than two to accommodate at a place. It is made of strong metal pipes with a side ladder to reach the upper floor.

The upper floor has a strong railing guard around for your child’s safety while sleeping. The exotic specialty of this bunk bed design is that a third bed can be pulled out from beneath the lower bed for an extra requirement.

This is completely detachable and can be pushed inside safely after sleep to save space on the floor. The design is slick, handy, safely movable, and detachable. This triple twin over full bunk bed may be your automatic choice for multiple bedding with a single one.

6. Wooden Over Full Bunk Bed with Showcase Cabinets

Wooden Over Full Bunk Bed with Showcase Cabinets

This wooden over bunk bed design must be one on your priority list. The unique bed has a beautiful wicket-railed safe staircase from the side to reach the upper floor.

It has a full drawer beneath the lower bed. Moreover, it looks so beautiful when the upper bed is covered with a showcase from the front. Your kids can put their toys, collections, and other things on display.

The height of the showcase also covers the side security with its length. The extended showcase part is framed to cover the lower berth completely. The twin over full bunk bed with showcase is made of pinewood and plywood combination with MDF that gives it a strong, safe structure for the safety of your children.

7. Full Over Twin Bunk Beds with Wardrobe and Reading Table

Full Over Twin Bunk Beds with Wardrobe and Reading Table

This one may be one of the best choices. What do you want more if there is a twin upper bunk bed with shelves, drawers, a wardrobe, and an exotic reading table for your kids?

The strong structure is made of pinewoods with a medium-density fiberboard. The depth-wise lower bed has side space for the upper ladder and wardrobe on one side. On the other side, it has a beautiful reading table with drawers and shelves.

This is a complete package for two beds, a wardrobe, and a study table with shelves to accommodate most of the quality time of your kids around this. The structure of this twin over full bunk bed with wardrobe and study table is hardy but easily detachable for maintenance.

8. Playhouse Bunk Beds with Slide

Playhouse Bunk Beds with Slide

This is one of the most creative and lovely twin bed designs for kids. The solid structure is made of a solid wood frame and artificial wood designs. The lower and the upper beds have windowed playhouse-like ‘room’ coverage with a side ladder and front slide.

The slide is safe enough with guard walls and a smooth surface. Both the upper and lower bed children can enjoy a ‘play house’ on their bed within the house.

The design is safe, strong-built, and properly guarded with wooden rails. The shabby wood color finish of this twin-over-full bunk bed gives it an extra vibrant look to bring it to your children’s room.

9. Bunk Bed with In-Built Desk and Drawers

Bunk Bed with In-Built Desk and Drawers

This is a beautiful wood-finished twin upper bunk bed. The lower bed is made with a ‘T’ shape with the upper bed. It has a small but handy side desk with drawers and shelves. The ladder for the upper floor is slope and safe.

The upper bed is well-guarded with wooden rails. The whole structure stands on a stout wooden frame for safety, and the bases have wooden frames capable of holding weights.

This may be your ideal kid’s room bunk bed design with a simple but good-looking, tidy finish. This twin-over-full bunk bed with a desk and drawers is also applicable for reading, writing, or drawing before or after bedtime.

10. Tidy Simple Metal Twin Over Bunk Bed

Tidy Simple Metal Twin Over Bunk Bed

This is a simple, airy, light metallic twin-over bunk bed design. It has a safe side ladder to go up. The upper bed is well-guarded with metal railings. The structure is strong, durable, easy to fit, and safe. Its interlocking joints and brackets with screwed fittings make it strong enough for kid’s movement.

There are no other accessories added to keep it simple to have a nice, sweet dream sleep for your kids. It is handy enough to fit anywhere in the room you like and good for making contrast with linens and the wall color. If you are looking for a safe, strong twin over a full bunk bed in metal at a competitive price, this one is no doubt a good choice for you.


There are so many twin-over bunk beds available in the market. You have to choose the best one for your kid’s room and requirements. Their age, weight, required space for a bed, and space for accessories have to be taken into mind. You have to plan how long the twin bunk bed may be required till they need separate rooms for them.

Also, considering the interior decoration of your kid’s room, you have to choose the right model with the right material. If you already have wardrobes, reading tables, a chest of drawers, and showcases for them, there is no need to go for a twin bunk bed with a lot of space for keeping belongings. Rather, you can choose a simple, tidy design.

If you need more space for your kids to keep their favorite books, toys, or crafts material, you may go for several models with cabinets, even along with a study table. Plan accordingly with your kids according to your budget.

There are so many twin over full bunk bed models available online, which are very easy to fit and assemble quickly. Choose one that fits the best for your kids’ room.

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