Oct 21, 2013

Birthday Go-Karts

This past weekend we gathered 8 of our son Maxwell’s good friends and headed to K1 Speed for a go-carting blow-out.

We thought it a fitting destination for a batch of learning-to-drive dudes to help Max celebrate his 16th birthday. This driving experience had nothing to do with 10 and 2 steering wheel placement, student driver caution, or right of way rules. THIS was all about SPEED and fun. The carts at K1 are electric which meant no noxious fumes and when there was a spinout or slight collision, the race master could shut down car power, take care of the problem, and then start the race again. Super safe.

We signed up for a private racing party complete with qualifying races, a final grid type race (based on qualifying times), and a podium ceremony with trophies. The boys (and my husband and Grandpa Lee), had a TOTAL blast. Now we are planning a grown-up only racing party this winter…mama needs some SPEED too.

Highly recommend this amazingly fun way to PLAY with your family or friends.

*Video thanks to our GoPro, my iPhone, and my husband’s editing skillz.

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