Jan 29, 2014

Wood-Block Flower Centerpiece DIY

A great DIY from chroniclebooks:
Wood-Block Flower Centerpiece DIY

Wedding Week continues today with a DIY project from Vintage Wedding Style, by Elizabeth Demos. This simple and rustic centerpiece is perfect for a wedding, but it would look lovely on any spring table!


When to start:
2 weeks before the wedding

2 centerpieces

• One 6-by-6-by-72-in/15-by-15-by-183-cm rustic wood beam cut in two
• Dark paste wax
• Sixteen 5/8-by-4-in/16-mm-by-10-cm test tubes
• 16 flowers

• Tape measure
• Pencil
• Safety goggles
• Chop saw or bow saw
• Electric hand drill
• 5/8-in/16-mm drill bit
• 180-grit sandpaper
• 2 cotton cloths

 See the full project on the Chronicle Books Blog
I totally LOVE this playful and rustic centerpiece idea!!

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