Jan 7, 2014

Play Dough and Marshmallow Shooters

I wanted to share the recipe for the homemade play dough and tell you a little more about the simple marshmallow shooters I showed.

First up, the super easy play dough recipe!

You’ll need:

  • 1 C. flour

  • 1 C. water

  • ½ C. salt

  • 1 t. cooking oil

  • 1t. cream of tar tar
Simply put all of the ingredients into a small pot, place on low-med. heat and stir until it resembles mashed potatoes. Take it off the heat, let it cool a bit, add food coloring of your choice and Boom! You’re done.

As for the mini marshmallow shooters, simply cut the lower third off of a plastic cup. Next take a balloon and tie a small knot at the top and slice a ¼ inch off the bottom (the round part:). Then stretch the balloon over the TOP lip of the cup.  Place a mini marshmallow inside, pull back on the balloon’s knot and Bam! Fire away.

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