Well Played Product Review... Storytime Theater, by Cami.

Happy Monday all!

Hope you all had a mighty playful weekend.

Here on the blog,  I'm starting a new little series called "Well Played Reviews".
Short videos that feature simple ways to make your life a little more playful and fun.

I'll be doing some of the reviews myself and I'll be farming some of them out to my pals, like my niece Cami.  Cami has her own kid's cooking show over on Youtube called Don't Yuck my Yum, so she's a pro at the whole vlogging thing. Her brother Donovan makes cameos in her videos, and he'll be popping up here periodically to tell you about various awesome playthings as well.

Today Cami is sharing something I just featured in a batch of TV segments, featuring great ways to play after school.  It's called "Storytime Theater"  And I think it pretty much rocks the after school and before bedtime party.
SO without further delay, here's Cami to show you how it works.

You can find out more about Storytime Theater HERE:.http://www.getstorytime.com

Disclaimer:  This is not an Ad.  No one was paid in the making of this video.  Shocking, I know.


Fall Style Favorites

Favorites of Fall

I've already told ya'll that my favorite of all seasons is fall and I can tell from my instagram feed, that I'm not alone in my obsession with this delicious season.  It struck me this week that I have every-year, Autumn rituals that make me giddy with anticipation for the changes that are about to occur.

I  listen to James Taylor's album "October Road", almost daily during this season...this year I'm alternating between that and his new album "Before This World" (so yummy as well!).
I light fall scented candles each morning and let them burn and burn filling my home with wafts of apple, cinnamon, nutmeg, campfires, leaves, chestnut, and maple. I suddenly want to bake very dang day.  And I begin to dream about and map out outfits involving boots and sweaters and felt hats and plaid.
This year, I've been a little slower than usual getting aboard the fall fashion train.
I'm in the last phases of writing and editing my book "Well Played", and have spent most of the last month happily hunkered down behind glasses and laptop.  But last night I got to dreaming again.

Below is a fall inspiration board filled with the trends I want to incorporate, things I'm loving at the moment, tried and true goodies, and some of the places I'm looking forward to visiting before winter hits us in the face...with an ice ball.

Here are a few of my favorite trends and "things" of the season...I thought you might like them too.

*One of my best buys has been my well-made, felt hat from Anthropologie.  I wear it all the time, especially when I've been writing all day and the hair is a wreck.  It makes every outfit better and people stop me often to comment on my lid.  Most importably, It make me feel like an adventurist.

*My husband suggested I buy a pair of classic Levi straight leg jeans, because he believes that those and a v-neck white tee are the hottest thing ever on a girl.  So I did.  And now I can not take them off.  Cheaper and more urban cool than most "designer" dungarees, sorta like the Brooklyn of britches or the Ford Explorer to the Range Rover sport...pretty much the same thing, but shows you've thought this thing through.

*For all of you girls who wore MAC "Viva Glam" lipstick in 1998...it's still around and better than ever!  A TODAY Show make-up artist put it on me the last time I was there and I was all "hey, I remember you!!".  Getting myself some ASAP.

*Williams Sonoma Spiced Chestnut scented ANYTHING!  Candles and dish soap and lotion, oh my.

*Graphic tees forever

*The delicate mixed metal jewelry from Madewell had me at silver and "yello".

*Essie "minimalistic" polish.  The perfect not-to-pink neutral to take you slowly into this climate change.

All the rest are things I'm going to hunt and gather in the coming weeks.
Hope this inspires you to create a fun and playful board of your own! I do mine over at Polyvore, FYI

So, what are some of YOUR Autumn obsessions?!  Do you have a quirky fall routine like me?
What are you lusting after this season or longing to pull from winter storage?

Cheers to all this Autumn!  And remember,  #BeWellPlayed...especially in your own personal style.


OH!  And BTW, I wasn't paid by any of these blokes to mention them in my post.  This is an Ad-free environment unless I tell you otherwise.


Time to celebrate the first day of FALL!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE.

I have always liked the transition seasons the most, mainly because they bring with them a sense of something new coming just around the bend.  Spring comes in second, but Autumn will always hold first place in my book.

I grew up in Western PA where the seasons were distinct, and fall meant many wonderful things.  Friday night football games (I was that perky cheerleader jumping around on the sidelines), The Homecoming Parade for our local University, pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg in the air, fields of feed corn that we used to "borrow" from local farmers and use for "corning" people's houses, bonfire parties in high school, yummy sweaters and cozy socks, candy corn, candy corn, candy corn, and the rollings hills of vibrant color that surrounded our little rural town. I've lived in Chicago for the last 20 Autumns and with Wisconsin and Michigan as our neighbors, my fall obsession has been well fed every September, October, and November, living here as well.

As this Autumn slowly rolls in, it's slightly bitter/sweet for me. This is my last Autumn that will really feel like Autumn for awhile, as next fall I'll be living in L.A. where the closest thing I'll get to a patch of pumpkins is via the local Starbucks and their pop culture sensation the PSL, and  I'll be trading my cozy sweaters for comfy flips.

So this year I plan to revel fully in all things fall. I plan to be the biggest pig in the pumpkin spice puddle.
So to start things off right, this week on the blog I'll be sharing fun ways to celebrate the first full week in this delicious season.
First up, a throw-back video I created featuring 2 of my favorite ways to preserve those soon to be changing leaves.  The yellow maples are my favs. and I'm lucky enough to have loads of those in my neighborhood.

Hope this vid. inspires you to get out and collect the ones you love and then playfully preserve them for all of your upcoming fall celebrations.
Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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