More Fun Mondays: Phone Mix Up

Here's an easy, easy way to brighten up your day and start your week off on a positive note: change the wallpaper on your phone.

Let's be real. We're pretty much constantly on our phones, so we might as well be staring at something bright and playful. I change the background on my phone a few times a month and it is surprisingly refreshing.

Here are five that are sure to put a smile on your face when you swipe to unlock. Click each to download:

Download Get up offa that thing from ban.do

Download Pretty Pinks from Hallmark's Think. Make. Share.

Download Treat Yo Self from A Pair of Pears

Download Palm Leaves from DesignLoveFest

Download Burger Time from Simple Desktops

Most of these are also available for download in the right size for your computer screen, too.

Cheers to a playful start to your week!


All New "Well Played Wednesdays" Web Series...because playfulness matters.

If you want to snag yourself or someone you're really fond of, a personalized Case Station phone case, simply hop on over to casestation.com and upload away!

They have all sorts of designs for every kinda phone out there.  Cause not everyone has an iPhone.  Shocking I know.

Hope this adds a little POP of play into an otherwise plain ol' Wednesday.

Disclosure:  I was given this piece of awesome as a gift from a friend.  She gave me no extra jack to talk about it here.


Motherhood in Hollywood Interview

Yesterday the wonderful Heather Brooker had me on her podcast, Motherhood in Hollywood, to talk about the power of play.

Heather and I talked about how play can help your child's development and ways that families can find fun ways to play together.

She had some rad stories about her toddler's playful spirit that I loved hearing. Heather mentioned a part of my book that her and her family could totally relate to: the totally spontaneous dance party. I swear this is something not just the little kids will love. Your older ones might roll their eyes initially, but will definitely jump in eventually.

The perfect recipe for a kitchen dance party:

  • Pre-made playlists packed with pop music everyone knows the words to. Make sure each family member has their fave song or two on there. 
  • Have "microphones" within reach like your spatula or whisk 
  • Add a mini-operated disco ball to your kitchen decor. Nobody can resist a disco ball.

You can listen to the full pod below (our chat starts at about nine minutes in), and be sure to subscribe to hear more awesome interviews and commentary from Heather!

For more awesome ideas for playing together with your family, friends, partner, and for yourself, pick up a copy of my first book, Well Played, and bookmark GeniusOfPlay.com. It's a great resource for DIY's, game ideas, and lots of research on the importance of play! 
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