Let the Toys and Games Begin!

Holiday madness has begun, especially in the toy aisle. Which means my holiday segments are already well underway.

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Catch up quick by clicking the two links below:
  • Over on Fox & Friends, I shared some of my favorite new toys for kids this holiday season.
  • To prep you for the upcoming holiday family gatherings, I shared some awesome games all ages can enjoy over on Windy City Live.

Both of these segments feature Pie Face!, which was, unsurprisingly, a BIG hit at both Fox and ABC.

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White Chocolate Halloween Ghosts and Mummies...a doable DIY Treat!

With only 2 days left til Halloween, I'm sharing a SIMPLE and yummy homemade treat with the help of one of my most playful kitchen appliances...the personal-sized chocolate FOUNTAIN! Can you say belly-up!?  Wish I could stick my mouth in and drink right from it!  But that would be truly unladylike, so I'll save that for when ya'll click away.  If you're looking for a fun activity that yields the perfect treat for you Halloween party or the one you've been invited to, then this very doable DIY is for you.  Enjoy!  Have fun!
And remember, sugar is a power food on October 31st.


Your Kids Will Never Remember Their Best Day of TV.

And you probably won't either.  Even if it was a really good binge watch.  Allow for a bit of wide open PLAYtime on this jam-packed, over- to-do-listed Monday.  20 minutes of something that makes your heart sing and your inner child burst through. I'm hopping on my bike for a spin in the sun this afternoon.  I have no time for it, but I'm doing it anyway.  People can wait 20 minutes, right?  Happy Monday, friends...now go plan your play break!
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