Latest Toy Love: The Osmo Genius Kit

Today I'm hopping around the country via local tv stations through a satellite media tour sharing my top picks for summer play. These are all easy ways to get the kids to stop saying "I'm bored!" all summer.

I featured most of these toys and games on Windy City Live last week, but I had one more I'd love to share.

The Osmo Genius Kit, $99

Designed for ages 6 and up, this awesome kit works with an iPad and helps encourage learning through play. This game system bridges the real and digital world, letting kids be hands on as they explore science, math, art and more. Osmo can even help your kids learn to code! So awesome.

Have your kids used Osmo yet? I'd love to know what they've learned with it!

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Four simple ways to get into the playful spirit

This month over on Chicago Parent I’ve curated some of my favorite ways to spark playfulness and fun into your everyday. Life moves fast, but we can’t forget to find some simple ways to play along the way!

Play with your workout

Call me shallow and easily influenced, but you know what helps me get my excuse-ridden rump to the gym to work out way more often than endless texts from my trainer? Cute workout clothes! Sorry, not sorry.

I started following Chase Infinite on Instagram after seeing a few of its wicked cool workout T-shirt posts and now I’m obsessed with the daily inspirational quotes and playful, kick-arse workout tops. If you need some extra motivation to get your boo-yeah to the gym, maybe these will help.


The hottest, must-have toys for summer 2016

This morning on Windy City Live, we started gearing up for summer play with a few of my fave new toys and games. BONUS: my son Tru made his first WCL appearance and showed off his favorite of the bunch.

 Here's the rundown:

A bunch of great stuff for summer play for kids of all ages... and yourself. Seriously, that trampoline is a crowd favorite even when it's just the adults. 

Want more ideas for getting the whole gang to play together this summer? There's still time to pre-order by first book, Well Played. Each pre-order comes with an awesome bonus gift

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