Making the case for a playful childhood

Earlier this year I joined The Genius of Play as a Play Ambassador.

Best. Job. Ever.

I've been working with their team to spread the love for play, and help people better understand just why play is SO important as our kids grow and learn. Being able to speak to groups on their behalf and share their message brings me so much joy.

As one of my first moves as Play Ambassador, I wrote a post making the case for well-played kids:
The Genius of Play movement encourages more creative playtime for all children, and helps highlight play’s big developmental benefits. When your child is lost in the land of make-believe, building the next Lego empire, or confidently exploring a new playground, they are simultaneously doing big important things like improving their cognitive skills, honing communication skills, increasing creativity, processing and expressing emotions, developing physical skills, and enhancing social skills. Big, important things indeed! All built into the stuff they love to do most. 

Head over there now to read the rest of my post and learn why we should, and how we can, maximize the benefits of open-ended play and infuse it into our childrens’ vey busy, academically driven, digitally led, lives.

Here's a little more info on what they're all about, in case you're not familiar:

Now go be well played!


8 playful ways to savor the end of summer

I had a TON of fun this morning in the plaza with Matt and Hoda showing off some great ways to keep PLAYing even though the first day of school is creeping closer and closer.

These are all great ideas for the whole family, and for kids to play on their own as well.

Check out the video below, then pop over to Today.com to learn about all eight ideas I shared, including three super simple DIY's.

Happy playing, ya'll!


The importance of play in the workplace

During one of my recent trips to New York, I stopped by the offices of marketing agency The Halo Group.

I spoke with their leadership and staff about how important play is in the workplace, and how it can lead to success in and out of the office.

Check out the video the Halo team put together to learn how play can positively impact your workplace. You can tell from we had absolutely zero fun during my visit ; )

Remember folks, play is serious business.
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