30 Fun Activities for Preschoolers to Boost Their Creativity

Fun Activities for Preschoolers (for Home or School)

Fun activities for preschoolers are a great way to engage toddlers or kids in fun and learning. They feel energized, grow, and develop in various areas while playing and learning.

You are in the right place if you are looking for great, fun activities for your preschool kids. We have curated this list of fun activities for your preschooler. So if you want to know more about them for the betterment of your kids, keep reading.

In this post, we have covered 30 Fun Activities for Preschoolers (For Home Or School). We have covered Alphabet match-ups, rainbow cutting crafts, hand painting, the safety of your kids via various activities, Spontaneous exercise to teach them body balance, Learning with storytelling and discussions, Moving with the music beats, and many more.

1. Alphabet Match-Up

Alphabet Match-Up

If you want to teach and practice the alphabet to your kids, this Alphabet match-up fun activity is a great way. They will surely enjoy it while searching the alphabet from the water tub or bowl and organizing them at their places.

You will need foam or plastic letters, a large sensory container, and sidewalk chalks. Please pick up the sensory bin and fill it with water.

Fill it with the plastic alphabet. Pick up the sidewalk chalk and write the alphabet on a wooden board or floor. Let your kids have fun searching the plastic alphabets from the water sensory bin and placing them on the letters you have marked with the sidewalk chalks. Your kids will have fun searching the alphabet, and you can easily convert this fun activity into a learning game.

2. Rainbow Cutting Craft

Rainbow Cutting Craft .jpg

If you want to teach your kids how to cut in a clean and right way, rainbow cutting is a great fun activity. Start from the straight lines; if your kid is smaller, like a toddler, don’t perform it with them if you think the kid is so small if the risk of hurting them is higher while cutting with the scissors.

You will need the colorful paper strips, Sharpie, White paper, glue, tape, and kids’ scissors.

Draw a cloud and cut it out from the white paper. Cut the colored paper into strips to create the rainbow colors and Rainbow. Stick these colored strips with the cloud in the backside with glue or tape. Draw some lines on the rainbow strips.

You can start from the straight lines and slowly practice with your kids with the slight wavy lines, curved lines, and patterns. If they are a beginner, straight lines are recommended. Please give them the kid’s scissors and let them cut out the lines and items from the setup.

3. Hand Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Hand Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Painting is one of the great fun and creative activities for preschoolers. When you involve preschoolers in the painting, let it be freestyle. Let them explore the things on their own. You have to care about cleaning the mess they will spread during the painting. Kindly be patient when you involve your kids in painting activities.

Painting helps to bring the most creative side of kids outside. It is not for everyone, but those who find great pleasure and fun while trying it find a lifetime fun therapy that will help them stay happy and fulfilled irrespective of the outer circumstances.

4. Color Sort Activities for Preschoolers

Color Sort Activities for Preschoolers

Pick up some colored items like colorful paper pieces, spoons, beads, popsicle sticks, small balls, and other smaller items to create a colorful collection in a box or bowl. You can use as many colors as you want for your kid. Or you can use three to four colors, like blue, green, red, and yellow, if your kid is a beginner in learning.

Hand over the mixed-colored items in a bowl or box to your kid, with a few empty bowls, and ask them to separate the specific items like similar color things or only yellow spoons or particular color items so that they can learn color sorting while having fun.

5. Home Safety Activities for Preschoolers

Home Safety Activities for Preschoolers .jpg

When toddlers involve themselves in fun and enjoyment, they forget about the incidents and accidents that can happen anytime because of a slippery or a small mistake. Homes and classrooms are not the safest for kids when you are not always with them. So use the Home safety activities for preschoolers to teach them about Home safety while involving them in home safety activities.

You can show them kids’ story videos or involve them in the dummy practical with the help of toys. Teach them to avoid incidents like cutting and breaking bones by avoiding sharp objects, hitting harder objects, and carefully walking or running. Teach them about slippery surfaces and safe jumping on the floor.

6. Letter Collages Activities for Preschoolers

Letter Collages Activities for Preschoolers .jpg

To teach the basics and alphabet to your preschool kids, Letter Collages is one of the great way and evergreen fun activities for preschoolers. This activity also helps your kids to learn and develop sound skills by connecting the objects with the letters.

You will need tissue paper, cardstock paper, glue, a googly eye, or a button to do this activity.

Here, we have created a letter d with cardstock paper and marker. And the green tissue paper is scrunched. Fill the letter d with glue to stick the green tissue paper over it. Let your kids put the scrunched green paper in the letter.

You can also make the head shape by sticking a googly eye or black button to finish the craft letter. You can repeat this process for different letters and colored tissue papers.

7. Rocket Name Craft

Rocket Name Craft .jpg

If you want to teach your kids to spell their names, the Rocket name craft activity is a great way. You can easily prepare it with the help of paper, glue, glue stick, markers, glitter, and scissors.

Create a long strip to create the Rocket body. Write their name on it with the help of a marker, leaving enough space to look like blocks. Cut it into an equal number of strips according to the number of alphabets in your kid’s name from this Rocket body.

Cut a small piece of paper in a triangle shape to use as the head of the rocket. The Rocket Name craft is ready. You can beautify it using glue and glitter to stick it on another clean sheet. And your kids can learn how to write or spell their name in fun.

8. Moving with The Music Beats

Moving with The Music Beats

Music is one of the most energized ways to charge up your kids. When you teach your kids to move with the beats of music, you teach them how to move their body parts, but you are also helping them develop a healthy way of keeping their body and mind active while balancing it with the beats.

Depending on kids’ moods, you can use various types of music, from happy vibes to sad, from party mood to feeling the calmness of nature or surroundings, and much more. You can also involve your kids in the group dance or dancing with a partner so they can learn the importance of teamwork early on.

9. Fire and Water Safety Activities


The resources of Fire and Water are common everywhere, in every home, and almost at every place where you can visit. Sometimes, the fire is also incidental, and the water can collect due to heavy rain or overflowing the tank.

Teach your preschoolers how to save themselves from such incidents. With fun or with stories, teach your kids the importance of clothes, handling water and fire, and being under control.

The best thing you can do is teach them to avoid wandering near such places when you are not with them. Fire in the kitchen can be accidental. There can be current or atomic current in the water bodies left in the open or the washroom. Please share some of the prevention tips with them.

10. Pasta Straining Activities for Preschoolers

Pasta Straining Activities for Preschoolers .jpeg

To build up fine motor skills, Pasta straining is the greatest and easiest fun activity for preschoolers. You will need Colander and Dried Spaghetti noodles for this fun activity.

Turn the Colander upside down to prepare the base. Handle the dried Spaghetti noodles to your kid and let them insert them into the Colander. Teach them to gently push the noodles into the Colander so they don’t break down.

Once they insert all the dried noodles into the Colander, ask them to pull them back and collect them on a plate to extend this fun activity if you see them enjoying it. This activity is a great way to teach patience and the right amount of force required to handle different things.

11. Ripping a Rainbow

Ripping a Rainbow .jpg

If your kids have fun while or by ripping the paper, convert it into a fun learning activity.

You will need construction paper, white cardstock, a pencil, kids’ scissors, and a glue stick to prepare the setup. Please pick up the white paper and draw the rainbow shape over it.

Hand over the colored construction papers to your kid, and let them pick up each construction paper island and rip it into small pieces. Teach them to fill the rainbow shape with these ripped construction paper pieces by creating the same color pattern as a rainbow.

You can apply the glue on the rainbow shape so that the ripped constriction paper can stick easily on them. And your kids will have great fun while doing this activity.

12. Stories Discussion Activities for Preschoolers

Stories Discussion Activities for Preschoolers

Stories are a great way to teach your kids about morals, values, and life lessons in the easiest way. Tell them stories while involving them in the discussions, like asking the character names of the stories you are sharing, asking about what will happen next, discussing the moral, and there are many things about which you can talk just after finishing the story to engage them.

Story activities for preschoolers ensure they are getting the lessons and values right. The storytelling and discussion make them creative and great listeners, develop the muscles of their minds creatively and logically, and teach them life-long lessons about tackling situations when they find themselves in such scenarios.

13. Stranger Danger Activities for Preschoolers

Stranger Danger Activities for Preschoolers .jpg

Teaching your kids about interaction and open communication with people without fear and hesitation is a great skill parents or teachers teach them. However, making them warn against strangers is also important. Teach them not to trust every stranger out there. Teach them about the stranger’s danger and how to save themselves from kidnapping.

Teaching kids like adults or students can be difficult, but you can do this with the help of dramatic activities for preschoolers or toys. Use the Stranger danger activities in your home to portray your kids to save themselves from getting fooled by their trap.

14. Do-a-Dot Letter Activities for Preschoolers

Do-a-Dot Letter Activities for Preschoolers

If you want an alternative to messed art, consider the DO-A-Dot letter fun activities for preschoolers to avoid the mess. This activity involves the smaller and capital alphabets and teaches your kids about their differences. You will need a Do-A-Dot sheet and letters A to Z. You will also need the Do-A-Dot markers.

Take a printout of these activity pages, and pick up the markers you have kept aside for this activity, as shared above. Hand over these markers to your young ones and tell them they must use one color dot marker for upper letters and another for lowercase letters. For example, use blue for capital letters and red for lowercase letters. In the absence of dot markers, Crayons or colored markers can also be used.

15. Dinosaur Track Painting

Dinosaur Track Painting .jpg

If you want to teach your kids about the sizes and differences, Tracking the Dinasour painting is awesome. To start this activity, you will need Easel paper, dinosaur toys for painting, an art tray, washable paint, brushes, and tape.

Stick the Easel paper on the floor or a wooden board with the help of tape to make it secure and sturdy. Fill the art tray with washable paint. Pick up one of the dinosaurs portrayed, dip its feet in the art tray paint, and place them on the Easel paper.

Repeat the footprints of the dinosaur in the same way. Then, repeat the same activity with all the other dinosaurs dipped in different colors. You can teach your kids about the different sizes and colors in one activity while having fun.

16. Spontaneous Exercise

Spontaneous Exercise

Exercise is a great way to learn about the body and how to balance it. When kids play and engage in spontaneous exercise activities, they get more awareness about jumping, climbing, and balancing their bodies. They not only learn how to use their body parts, but they also learn the art of handling things on their own.

For more learning, you can incorporate fun and learning challenges like block stacking shifting particular blocks from one corner of the room to another. This way, they will learn to tackle challenges and use their minds more. For fun, you can give them tasks like kids have to shift the blocks while jumping or while running instead of just walking.

17. Safety from Bullies

Safety from Bullies

If your kid is a preschooler, you don’t have all the details about their classroom and the kids they spend time with. Teach them kindness and empathy. And also teach them not to become weak when someone tries to control or dominate them. As they say, prevention is better than cure, so make your kids proactive.

Teach them about the defense and their safety first. Please encourage them to talk with you when someone is trying to bully them. Keeping the communication bond and sympathetic touch with your kids is important from an early age for their sufficient development and bright future.

18. Alphabet Ice Painting

Alphabet Ice Painting .jpg

This activity is fun while feeling the chilling vibes. It is a great fun activity during summer or sunny days. You will need the Alphabet Ice Mold, Washable paint, sensory bin, paint tray, and brushes to enjoy this activity.

Please pick up the Alphabet Ice mold, fill it with water, and let it freeze in the freezer for a night. Pop them out and cool them in a sensory bin when they become solid.

Fill the paint tray with the washable paint, and let your kids do ice painting on the alphabet. Teach them about the alphabet while painting. You can also paint similar alphabets with the same color like M, N, and W, which are similar to a greater extent. Also, let them recognize their name Letters from the ice alphabet.

19. Chalk Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Chalk Painting Activities for Preschoolers

Chalk utilization in the right way is a great way to teach your kids while having fun. You can use slate boards or activity cards and give them some tasks where they can bring out their fun and creative activity by using sidewalk chalk.

For example, you can ask them to write their name. You can ask them to create the Rainbow, draw the sun, or do anything they want to create with the help of the chalk; let them have fun while using their freestyle efforts in chalk paint. Slowly, you can teach them about shapes, drawing, and patterns and increase the level with their age.

20. Jellyfish Fruit Look Threading

Jellyfish Fruit Look Threading .jpg

The jellyfish fruit activity is a fun snack where you teach your kids simple fruits and loops. You will need an art tray, paint, fruit loops, paper, tape, and pipe cleaners.
Make a jellyfish shape with the help of crayons on the paper. Let your kids color this jellyfish in fun.

Using the tape, pick up some pipe cleaners and stick them to the jellyfish’s back. Create some colored threads to prepare the fruit loops. The fun activity involves your child sorting out the colors by threading the right colors. The fruit loop on the pipe cleaners you have stuck with the tape to the back of the jellyfish.

21. Magnet Block Letters

Magnet Block Letters .jpg

If your kids love the toys, use the magnet block letters as a fun activity for rhythm. You will need the magnetite blocksand the chalk marker. Pick up the chalk marker and fill the magnetite blocks with the upper and lower case alphabets. Separate both case letters. Involve your kid and let them identify the upper and lower case alphabet match from the magnate blocks.

If you see your kids enjoying this activity, you can extend the fun activity by asking them to organize the magnate blocks alphabetically. This activity will help them enhance their fine motor skills by learning similar things and alphabetical orders.

22. Popsicle Stick Building

Popsicle Stick Building

Popsicles are commonly used in various things, from arts and crafts to fun activities. So, pick up a handful of popsicle sticks and create the popsicle art with your kids. You can create patterns or even build them by organizing multiple patterns.

For example, they can create a triangle with three popsicle sticks and a square using four popsicle stickles. By stacking these together, a small hut can be prepared. In this way, you can ask them to create a freestyle building using popsicle sticks and let them bring out their creativity.

23. Easy Snake Craft

Easy Snake Craft

To teach more about reptiles, this fun activity is a considerable way. You will need colored popsicle sticks, glue, constriction papers, Googly eyes, and fruit loops. Pick up the popsicle sticks and stick the googly eyes with the help of glue on the construction paper. To make multiple pieces at once, you can fold the paper piece multiple times and cut it out to create multiple snake tongues at once.

Stick these tongues behind the popsicle stick beneath the googly eye to create the structure of a snake. Involve your kids in the fun activity and let them paste the similar colored fruit loops on the popsicle sticks. It will help them to teach matching skills and more about colors.

24. Freeze Dance Activities for Preschoolers

Freeze Dance Activities for Preschoolers

The free dance is a great choice if you want a classic indoor game for home or school. This game helps to develop self-regulation skills in your kids with fun. You can select a particular song according to their interest or your interest and play it.

Teach them that they have to freeze themselves when you pause the music. This activity is a great movement to teach them to dance or the importance of active body movement and control themselves simultaneously. This fun activity is a great way to teach patience to your kids.

25. Cup Stacking

Cup Stacking

Cup stacking is a fun activity to teach your kid the importance of effort, actions, and patience. Collect 30 to 50 empathy coffee cups in good condition to play. Show your kid how to stack them together and raise them to a height or create a good building and organized project with them.

Let them learn by observing first, then involve your kid in the cup stacking. Slowly let them do the cup stacking on their own to learn the importance of putting in the right effort and how to build up patience.

26. Fairy House Activities for Preschoolers

Fairy House Activities for Preschoolers

Kids love fairy tales, magic, and fairy houses. Such activities for preschoolers help them to give wings to their imaginations and creativity while having fun. In the fairy house fun activity, you have to help your kid create the setup of the fairy house with toys and small mythical steps.

Create a small zone where you will set up the fairy house and involve your kid in it. Gather various pieces that can help give the shape and feel of home items, like using small wood as stools, couches, relaxing spaces, creating beds, etc. Teach them the importance of organizing and cleaning the house by allocating a special space for each item you have mystically created with them, and they will learn it all in fun.

27. Puzzle Building Activities for Preschoolers

Puzzle Building Activities for Preschoolers

Puzzle activities are a great way to teach about memory sharpness by utilizing the hands, concentration, and coordination of the eyes, hands, and mind. You can use the paper puzzle setup or the toy puzzle setup. Alphabets puzzle setup and organizing the items in the missing parts is also another great example of a puzzle you can use for your kid’s fun activities.

Click a picture of the original picture or setup. Show it to your kid, and now separate the puzzle pieces. Hand over it to your kid and ask them to make it like the original puzzle piece or connect them in a way that makes a whole picture.

28. Musical Chair

Musical Chair

The musical chair game is another classical game that is a great fun activity for your kids and you. If you want to teach the importance of speed, taking the chance, opportunities, patience, and how to move on when you feel stuck, a musical chair game fun activity is a must for them.

This not only energies but teaches various important things to your kids. The musical chair game helps kids to learn how to deal with the small missed opportunities and failures and deal with frustration when they miss the chance and lose the game. So this fun activity is powerful.

29. Emotions Science Project

Emotions Science Project

Science is a great way to teach things from adventures to real life and balance the emotional and rational self. So, if you want to teach your kid the importance of having a balanced mindset from an earlier age, pick up this emotions science project as a fun activity.

To prepare this setup, you will need cardboard rolls or plastic hollow pipes to create the emotions can. Create them in similar sizes. Pick up a marker and draw the emotions on these pipes or rolls like sad, surprised, happy, angry, crying, and laughing.

Use kids’ colors and water to teach them their importance and appearance. For example, you can pour red powder into the can, which reflects angry emotions, and yellow into the surprise can.

30. Photo Album Activities for Preschoolers

Photo Album Activities for Preschoolers

When you have no more energy to match your with the kids, checking up on the photo album with them is a great way to have fun. Please pick up the old album or their childhood memories album you have created so far and check it out with them, asking whether they recognize themselves or the other people present in the album. You can also do this with other albums like Fruits and Vegetables or creative albums for kids that help them learn by observing things in picture form.

You can also pick up your album of older memories and Share it with them. Share your life stories with them to incorporate the values you want to teach and avoid the mistakes you think your kids shouldn’t repeat. This activity is a great way to share a great bond and build a solid relationship with your kid.

Final Thoughts

Every kid loves fun activities; they are the best way to keep them engaged and connect the learning with them. Using suitable activities for preschoolers is a great way to involve them and teach them things while focusing on their development and letting them enjoy themselves.

This post has covered 30 fun activities for preschoolers that your kid will love. We have covered from paintings to puzzles, music, letter organizing, and much more to help your kid develop multiple skills, from analytical, creativity, sound, fine motor skills, efforts in the right direction, patience, and much more. Pick up three to four fun activities for preschoolers. Among these, your kids love again and again, and make them part of your kids’ lives for their proper development.

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