15 Paper Tearing Activities that Enhance Fine Motor Skills

15 Paper Tearing Activities that Enhance Fine Motor Skills

Tearing activity is a beneficial task for the kids. Sometimes, people may feel that kids are wasting their time and effort by tearing papers. Instead, tear that paper action leads to building fine motor skills.

It takes a lot of effort for the kids to do the exercise. Also, the muscles and fingers get strong by performing the activity. It enhances eye coordination while doing the activity.

There are various lists available to tear that paper activity. Making paper collages, shapes, and math figures are some of them that come under the lists. It’s not required to become perfect in arts.

Kids don’t need to bring a lot of paper to perform the task. Only the efforts are required with the least material to develop motor skills through paper tearing activity.

Are you thinking of practicing this activity for your kids? Check out the lists below and start teaching your kids the above task.

List of Paper Tearing Activity Ideas to Build Fine Motor Skills

1. Introducing the Colours

Introducing the Colours

First, to begin with, tear that paper activity; kids need to learn about different colors. You can use different types of paper to increase visual coordination. Some people use recycled paper, some use origami.

Some prefer doing it on colored paper, and so on. Start performing the activity in a fun way such that kids need to recognize the colors of the papers. Tear that paper with the perfect color introduction can be the title of that time. This will lead to fine motor skills through visual coordination and learning the names of different colors.

2. Collage Making

Collage Making

College-making is one of the exciting activities for kids. They can use the knowledge of tearing that paper with perfect color introduction sessions. Teach them to tear the paper with the exact sizes and then form a shape like you can show the photo collage or any other collage for better understanding.

Keep a small tub for keeping all the small-sized paper so they do not get mixed up with other pieces. Make them learn to cut the paper into exact shapes while forming a texture collage.

3. Tear that Paper with Different Weights

Tear that Paper with Different Weights

It is effortless to tear that paper, having less weight. Papers come in different sizes and different materials. Kids can easily cut lightweight paper. But it is difficult to cut the cardboard compared to other papers. The strength required to cut the paper is more for the cardboard.

Thus, practicing them on different sizes of paper can help in the perfect movement or allow calm to their minds through performing new activities. You can supply them with varying paper sizes, enabling them to tear that paper perfectly.

4. Shape Making

Shape Making

This is one of the best ways to exercise brain and hand movement together. Here it would be best if you gave the paper a good shape. The shape can be any, like a heart, rectangle, square, etc. You can draw different shapes with a pen and ask your kid to tear that paper with that shape.

As in the beginning, it may be difficult for them to cut using scissors into a particular shape. So drawing with a pen can help them to cut perfectly. Or you can ask them to use their creativity and draw exciting shapes.

5. Tissue Paper Fun

Tissue Paper Fun

This craft activity is one of the personal choices for youth. Playing with tissue is one of the fun activities. You can make use of it as home decor, too. Kids love making flowers from tissue paper. You can make any shapes you want from the tissue paper. Kids make marine life during their summer camps through tissue paper. You can be creative and make your child do the best tissue paper fun through that tear that paper activities.

6. Garden Backgrounds

Garden Backgrounds

Everyone is fond of greenery. Toddlers love making beautiful scenery during childhood. So, ask the kids to draw the different branches of the tree on the paper. Tear that paper to make a background related to the garden scene by drawing leaves, grass, clouds, etc.

Put the leaves on the tree’s stems, and then finish the rest of the scene. Every kid has their creativity in arts. There can be a collection of garden backgrounds with the papers. This activity will take much focus and help them work on their fine motor skills.

7. Bunny Cats

Bunny Cats

It is a happy time for kids who love making bunny cats in paper activity. First of all, you need to draw a cat on plain paper. You can ask the kids also to draw the cat with the help of a pencil and paper.

Then, using tear that paper activity, cut the papers into small equal pieces. Ask them to paste it into the cat drawing. They can use colored paper such that they can look cuter. This helps them use their mind to stick minds and use colored paper to make the whole design for the bunny cat.

8. Torn Paper Art

Torn Paper Art

It’s quite interesting for kids to make torn paper art. While making tear-that-paper art, they choose different colors, types, and layers of paper. Use long strips, which can be the sky of the art. Layer the pieces of torn paper with glue on the base page.

Use different colors to make the imaginary home building. Even kids can use their creativity to draw the gardens with green color paper. My dream house can be made easily in torn paper art with the kid’s choice. The layers of writing will help to create the boundary of the home. Ask the kids to give a suitable title to their art as “My Beautiful Home.”

9. Gift Wrapping Paper

Gift Wrapping Paper

Everybody loves the birthday present. You can teach the kids to make the day more special with their >gift-wrapping> ideas. Tear that paper activity can bring a broad smile to everyone’s face. Glue-torn pieces of pretty wrapping paper onto a base paper. Black or any plain color looks great.

Teach your kids to carefully glue the pieces of paper together so no “ears” stick out. They can select the best designs for wrapping paper. Then, advise them step by step on how to cut the pieces and stick them with the help of glue.

10. Paper Crumbling

Paper Crumbling

Paper crumbling is one the simple art for the kids. It helps in exercising hand movements. You can take it in the form of a game. First, make sure that all the papers are crumbled. Every child should select their colors and crumble the paper into small balls. Then, ask them to put it into the basket. Note the timing of how many balls they are dropping into it and reward them for that.

Paper crumbling >can help them to tear the paper effectively in the long term. Also, ask them to do it with one hand the next time. It may not be so easy for them to practice with one hand.

11. Paper Bags

Paper Bags

Tear up old newspapers or magazines and ball up the pieces. Then, put as many as you can into a brown paper bag. Put a rubber band around the end of the bag and draw or paint a face on the front. They can also draw other shapes or figures in front of the bag. Every kid will enjoy doing these tearing games at home or in school.

12. Puzzle Making

Puzzle Making

Puzzle-making is a lovely game that every child likes. First of all, cut any pictures into equal sizes. Or you can take the help of a puzzle game. Number the paper in the back so that if it’s difficult, they can take the help. Finally, ask the kid to rearrange the paper by forming the puzzle. This tear-that-paper activity can be a brainstorming idea for them.

13. Name Recognition

Name Recognition

Kids can learn the letter quickly from a tear that paper activity. It is mainly letter-making from craft paper. Every kid needs to cut the paper all the alphabets of their names. It is the most basic task they can take. After that, ask them to recognize the city’s name, animals, etc.

Also, you can play quizzes. For Example-letter, F stands for which animals? Then, ask them to cut the other letters. This helps to develop their brand and cut the paper into different letters. Name recognition is one of the best fun activities that comes under motor skills.

14. Maths Figure

Maths Figure

Maths is one of the essential subjects which every kid should know. With that tear that paper activity, kids can cut the maths symbols and number using their knowledge. Kids also perform the table calculations task through the tearing that paper activity.

Ask them to cut the math number from 1 to 10. You can also add odd numbers to it. So, given various questions, they can start using papers and do the motor skills activity.

15. Sensory Bin

Sensory Bin

Kids can strengthen their hands using equipment like stirring, scooping, digging, and pouring in the sensory bin. Teachers can help them by guiding them through tools like paper, pencils, spoons, etc.

Explain to them how to handle grip and write. For different age groups, other materials need to be used. For toddlers, it is prohibited to use some materials. They can explore toys by pinching and lacing movements.


Most people love making tear that paper activity in their daily routine. They make sure that their kids follow this practice daily. So, did you try the above tear that paper activity? Does your kid have fun while performing all those?

It may be a chance that they may feel bored at the start. But after teaching them bit by bit, they get more interested and give parents a better idea. Did your child make you feel special by their motor skills?

Advancement of technology may stop them from doing such motor skills. They may get busy doing other work.> But if you push them into it and understand them in a fun way, motor skills will surely benefit them.

So, which paper-tearing activity did you choose first? Comment down below your plan for executing the interesting process.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Different Types of Motor Skills Involved in Paper Tearing?

Tearing paper helps kids learn many important skills, like hand strength, hand-eye coordination, accuracy, fine motor skills, bilateral coordination, and more. When a child rips a piece of paper, the small muscles in their hands get stronger and more durable.

How Can I Teach Paper Tearing Activity?

Paper tearing activity includes different types like making collages, tissue paper arts, puzzles, gift wrapping ideas, and many more. Kids get to learn various things from it. Also, their motor skills are enhanced by performing various paper-tearing activities.

Does Tearing a Paper Involve Physical Changes?

When we tear a piece of paper, we see that its chemical makeup hasn’t changed. The only thing that has changed is the size of the pieces of paper that are made. The way it looks has changed. So, ripping a piece of paper is a change in the real world that can’t be fixed. They involve physical exercise while doing it.

Does Tissue Paper Art Come Under Motor Skills?

Yes, tissue paper art comes under motor skills. Kids learn to cut the tissue paper and make various shapes from it. Also, they get to know about different shapes and designs. People use tissue paper to make shapes and decorate their homes.

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