20 Invasion Games to Spice Up Your Gym Classes

Invasion Games is a club of team games with multi-faceted purposes that hold extreme points of relevance in kids’ overall development. As a kid, some of it must have been one of your favorites, with a great deal of teamwork involved.

It has a lot of fun, besides being a great source of learning. Apart from studies, these games are essential for kids’ holistic grooming.

Invasion Games is basically an idea that involves participating members invading the opponent’s territory or zone to score goals and points. Besides, protecting your own territory and preventing the opponent side from scoring.

In this article, we have laid down a list of 20 such intriguing invasion games that are super fun and teach a lot to a team of kids that must be added to kids learning curriculum.

1. Soccer


Soccer is a beloved invasion game that brings excitement and teamwork to kids’ physical activities. To play soccer, gather the kids and set up opposite goal nets in the field area. Now divide the teams and assign each kid. Their positions are forwards, midfielders, goalkeepers, and defenders.

The game starts with a kick-off from the center of the field. Teamwork is crucial in soccer. It makes the kids learn communication and strategizing, along with coordination and fitness.

2. Basketball


Basketball is a rather dynamic and exhilarating invasion game that offers a thrilling way for kids to stay active and develop teamwork skills. To play basketball.

Divide the kids into two groups and assign them their positions as forwards, guards, and centers. The game starts with a jump ball at the center circle, and the players dribble or pass to move the ball toward their opponent’s hoop.

It promotes physical fitness, agility, and sportsmanship among the kids. It’s an exciting game that offers an enjoyable experience where kids can learn teamwork.

3. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

Capture The Flag is an exciting and strategic invasion game that also includes an element of adventure and is a great outdoor activity. Divide the designated playing area into two territories and assign the teams to the respective territories.

The aim here is to enter the opponent’s territory, retrieve their flag, and come back to your territory without getting tagged by a member of the opposite territory.

Strategy plays an important role in this game, along with communication among the players. It fosters cooperation, friendly competition, and problem-solving.

4. Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee

Ultimate Frisbee, a fast-paced and exhilarating invasion game, offers an enjoyable way to stay active while also developing teamwork. To play ultimate frisbee, take the kids to a designated zone and divide them into two teams.

The game begins with a throw where one team throws the frisbee toward the other team. Players have to pass the frisbee by pivoting on one foot, thus enhancing the accuracy of the throw.

Ultimate Frisbee promotes agility, cardiovascular fitness, and sportsmanship among kids. With this inclusive nature, ultimate frisbee provides a rewarding experience for all the kids.

5. Handball


Handball, energetic invasion games offer an engaging way to enhance coordination and teamwork among the kids. Create a quote with two goals that are on the opposite ends of the field and divide the teams. Start the game with a throw where one team starts with a ball in the center.

Handball promotes teamwork as the players pass and dribble to work together while advancing their ball toward the goal. Also, blocking shorts and regaining possession of the ball develops strategy.

6. Hockey


Hockey is an action-packed way for kids to stay active while also developing coordination skills. Start the game by setting up a playing area with two goals at the opposite ends of the field.

Divide the kids into two teams and provide them with the appropriate gear as well as sticks and pucks for the game. Everybody in the team works together to pass and shoot the puck into the goal.

The players need to work together and help them coordinate their movements and strategize their place while also defending against the attack of the other team. Its fast pace and competitive nature make it exciting as well as entertaining for the children.

7. Flag Football

Flag Football

Flag football, a modified version of American football, offers kids an exciting way to experience the thrill without compromising their safety. Mark a plane area with end zones at the opposite ends of the field. Divide the kids into two teams and attach a flag to each of them. The game starts with a kickoff where one team takes the ball to watch the other.

It encourages communicating and strategizing while also increasing their adaptability toward changing situations. The non-contact nature of football makes it safe and suitable for all age levels.

8. Netball


Netball, a strategic invasion game, provides kids with a captivating way to refine their teamwork and coordination skills. To play netball, set up a court with designated shooting circles as well as dividing lines. The two teams are to be assigned their specific positions as shooters, defenders, and mid-court players.

Players work collaboratively to pass the ball and create scoring opportunities while also preventing their opponent from intercepting. It focuses on a specific position that is challenging for the kids and develops teamwork.

9. European Handball

European Handball

European football is a thrilling invasion game that offers an exhilarating way to enhance teamwork and coordination among the kids.

To play European handball, set a court with goals at the opposite ends of the field. Assign the kids positions like attackers, defenders, and goalkeepers. Start the game with the throughout from the center.

Players collaborate to dribble and create opportunities to outwit the opposite defense. The dynamic and fast-paced nature makes it captivating and a fantastic invasion game that kids can enjoy.

10. Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-Ga Ball

Ga-Ga ball provides kids with an exciting way to engage in physical activity and build social connections. To play this game, set up a pet in an octagonal shape with lower walls and a ball.

The players stand inside the pet, and one player tosses the ball into the center. The players aim toward the legs of the opponent, and if they hit the legs, they are out. The last player remaining is the winner.

It promotes quick reflexes and develops social skills among the kids. It’s easy to understand and is suitable for kids of all ages and skill levels.

11. Dodgeball


Dodgeball, a high-energy and thrilling invasion game, offers kids an exciting way to stay active and develop their reflexes and strategic thinking.

To play dodgeball, create a playing area and divide the kids into two teams. Place two softballs in the center, and the game starts with the opponent hitting them below the shoulders with a throne ball or catching a thrown ball from the opposite team.

Dodgeball encourages both offense as well as defense. It fosters quick decision-making as well as hand-eye coordination among the kids. It promotes physical activity and also encourages social interaction.

12. Kickball


Kickball is a spirited and inclusive invasion game that provides kids with a delightful way to enjoy the thrill of competition. To play kickball, mark a plane area and bases along with a home plate. Divide the kids into two teams, and one team kicks while the other team fields.

The kicker aims to kick the ball and safely run to the bases while the fielders attempt to tag the runners out. It also promotes physical fitness and cooperation while the kids run, kick, and engage in a friendly competition.

13. Rugby


A dynamic and exhilarating invasion game, rugby offers kids an exciting way to stay active as well as enhance their physical skills. To start with the game, set up a field with goal areas at the far opposite ends of the field. Divide the kids into two teams and assign positions to them like backs, forwards, and a goalkeeper.

This game begins with a kickoff or a scrum. Rugby promotes fitness, strategic thinking, and agility among children while also encouraging them to adapt to changing situations.

14. Quidditch (Modified)

Quidditch (Modified)

Modified quidditch, or Quadball, is an uninspired game by the visiting world of Harry Potter, imaginatively and creatively, for the kids to stay engaged in a friendly competition.

Start with setting up a field with three hoops on each end and divide the kids into two teams. Similar to the popular, classic assign them positions like chasers, beaters, and a seeker. Players have to hold broomsticks between their legs while running.

Chasers pass a ball to score by throwing it through hoops, while beaters use dodgeball to tag opponents. by tagging them temporarily and sending them to jail.

Seekers have to look for the designated object, which is hidden on the field. Along with teamwork, physical activity also encourages creativity among the children while making it a joyful experience.

15. Three-Legged Soccer

Three-Legged Soccer

Three-leg soccer is a whimsical and laughter-filled twist on traditional soccer, which offers kids a fun and unique way to engage in physical activity while enhancing their teamwork. To play three-leg soccer, create a playing area with goals at the opposite ends and pair kids up. Bind their inside legs by using a scarf or a band.

The objective is to pass the ball using dribble and score goals while managing the challenge of coordinating movement with a partner. The hilarity and shared laughter of the three-leg soccer make it an enjoyable game for the kids while also developing balance and cooperation.

16. Zone Ball

Zone Ball

Zone ball is an engaging and imaginative game that offers a dynamic way to stay active while also developing coordination among the children. Players aim to score points by passing a ball to teammates and into different zones of the field.

To play zone ball, mark the playing area and the distinct zones, each with a different point value. Divide the kids into two teams and provide them with a ball. The purpose of the game is to pass the ball to teammates while moving into different zones to score points.

17. Pirates and Sailors

Pirates and Sailors

Pirates and Sailors is an exciting invasion game that takes kids on a nautical adventure filled with teamwork, strategy, and exploration. To play Pirates and Sailors, designate a plane area and divide the kids into two teams: pirates and sailors. The Pirates aim to tag the sailors while working together to navigate to the area.

Pirates need to close their eyes during the start while the sailors hideout. It develops creative thinking and imaginative exploration, making it a fantastic game for kids to enjoy.

18. Bulldog


Bullock offers kids an exciting way to develop agility, speed, and strategic thinking. In this game, the players aim to cross from one side of the plane area to the other without getting tagged by the Bulldogs. Mark a plane area with boundaries on each end and choose a few players to be the bulldogs who will stand in the middle of the field.

The remaining players start in one at 10 to run on the other without being tagged. It requires speed and evasion skills, which remove physical fitness and decision-making among the kids.

19. Spud


Spud is an energetic and interactive game that offers kids a way to stay active and also own their agility as well as coordination. To start, the game does need a playing area and choose one player to start as ‘it’.

The player with the ball throws it up in the air and shouts the name of the other player. The chosen player must catch the ball and quickly shout, ‘Spud!’.

Only three steps can be taken while holding the ball in an attempt to hit another player. It requires quick reflexes, evasion skills, and strategic throwing, which promote physical fitness in children.

20. Sock Wars

Sock Wars

Sock War is a laughter-filled invasion game that offers an entertaining way to engage children in a friendly competition while also enhancing their creativity. To play sock wars, set up a playing area with boundaries and divide the kids into two teams. Each player has to roll up a sock and create a soft projectile.

The purpose is to hit an opponent with a sock and send them back to the designated area; the player hit by the sock must freeze until another teammate rescues them by touching them. It’s a whimsical and lighthearted game that is enjoyable for the kids and encourages imaginative play among the children.

Why are Invasion Games Essential for Kids?

The invasion games involve a great deal of integration besides keeping kids mentally fit and physically active. Based on the kid’s interest, any games listed above can be taken up to make the most of their learning. Proceeding on the note of why is the invasion games essential for the kids, we have curated four prominent reasons out of many, which include:

  • Develops Sense of Fair Play: Development of qualities like honesty, self-control, bravery, and perseverance. By being part of such games, you learn the sense of behavior and conduct towards others in society, which helps you in promoting yourself as the refined version of yourself.
  • Team Work: Team Work always plays a crucial role irrespective of the matter of fact where you are incorporating it, be it sports or the workplace. You get to learn the sense of adjustment and learning in an ecosystem, even if you have differences with the person involved in your team to work for a common cause.
  • Promotes Friendship: Invasion Games help you in developing friendships and social interaction in an ecosystem on a rapid note with every other day you turn up on the ground. This helps you in working with dedication with a push from your best people who are going along and training in the same system.
  • Fitness: Now comes the best part of the invasion games; a physically fit body can deal with any crisis with ease and will keep you away from a wide range of medical ailments. This eventually will keep you charged to work towards achieving a goal in academics.


Invasion Games have a great deal of purpose to serve in one’s life irrespective of the age group he/she belongs to. Besides the importance of learning it serves, one also gets to learn the basic skills of self-discipline and management.

To organize such sports for the kids, it is essential for them to understand why and how they are playing the game to get them a detailed idea about the specific game and how it is being played. And this will come only with one-to-one interaction in a conducive learning environment.

We believe that the lists mentioned above and the benefits the invasion games in general carry would have given you enough perspective to introduce the same in the curriculum of the kids in their learning ecosystem. Please let us know in the comments your personal experience associated with the same and a few better ideas with it that we can practice!

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