35 Tag Games to Try in PE Class

35 Fun Tag Games For PE to Stay Active

Tag games are a great way to keep kids and adults engaged in an activity. These games are exciting and thrilling, making for great playtime activities. This game of “tag” starts with one of the players being “it” and then chases the rest of the players in the game and touches them to tag them.

These games encourage running, teamwork, and thinking on the spot. Tag games have a lot of different variations.

For example, Freeze Tag, where the tagged players must “freeze” until another player unfreezes them. Another variation involves Shadow Tag, which involves tagging another player’s shadow, which makes for an additional challenge.

These games don’t just make for a fun time in PE class but also help improve a lot of social skills and improve one’s creative mind. Tag games prove to be a wonderful way to spend quality time with one’s friends and peers outdoors, all while staying active on a daily basis and having lots of fun.

Various Types of Tag Games

1. Freeze Tag


This is a classic outdoor tag game where friends engage in constant active play. In this gameplay, one player is considered as “it” and strives to tag the other players. However, the ones who are tagged do not leave the game. They freeze in place unless a player who is untagged touches and unfreezes them.

This continues with a good sense of excitement as players remain frozen and unfrozen, making it an interactive game session. Freeze tags can also facilitate quick thinking, ensuring that students have movement with strategic plans and cooperative teamwork. It also makes sure your kid is active both physically and socially. This, among players, makes it a good choice for outdoor activities.

2. Star Wars Tag

Star Wars Tag

Another fun tag game that is inspired by the well-known saga of Star Wars. Players start by taking up the characters of Jedi and Sith, respectively, chasing and escaping just like the characters do in the movies. One player begins as “it” and often wears a Star Wars band and starts chasing the other players to tag them.

Here is the twist in this fun game: the tagged players have to stay frozen as if they’re frozen in carbonite. To be freed from it, another untagged player can use force to tap them. This game blends in itself the excitement of tag and the magic of Star Wars.

3. Octopus Tag

Octopus Tag

This is another interesting game that is quite similar to playing regular tag but with a twist involving the ocean. One player begins by being the “octopus” in the center, and then they try to touch and tag the other players in the game as they run past them. When a player gets tagged, they become part of the octopus’s team in the “ocean” and help tag the rest of the players along with the octopus.

It’s as if the other players are acting as the octopus’s arms reaching out and trying to catch everyone that is surrounding them. This game is continued until everybody becomes one with the octopus. It is an exciting way to stay active and enjoy some teamwork with your peers while playing with the twist.

4. Hot Dog Tag

Hot Dog Tag .jpg

This is another fun way to spice up the classic tag game. One player is the “it” or the one who “grills.” Others run away from him, but if “it” tags someone, the player who is tagged becomes a “hot dog” and has to stay frozen with their arms and legs spread out like a hot dog on a grill.

To be unfrozen, a player has to crawl between their legs. The game catches pace, and more and more hotdogs join in. It’s a mix of classic tag and pretends to grill, bringing some spice to the outdoor fun.

5. Blob Tag

Blob Tag

This is a funny game where the players are supposed to hold hands in pairs and chase the rest of the players. When one player tags someone, that player gets included in the “blob.”

As the blob continues to grow in size with the addition of more and more players, it becomes hard for the rest of the teammates to escape. When a blob is composed of 4 players, it splits into two groups of two small blobs. This way, everyone is able to get the chance to chase the others.

6. Spider Tag

Spider Tag

This is just like a classic tag but with a twist that involves touching the player to tag them by using their balled-up pinnies and pretending to release spiderwebs on the others.

It’s almost like playing with your friends but then trapping them in your spider webs. This ensures more fun and thrill. It’s a very good option for kids who are fans of Spiderman!

7. Cookie Jar Tag

Cookie Jar Tag

Another exciting game is where one player starts by becoming the “cookie monster,” and the rest of them become “cookies.” The cookies start by asking the cookie monster if it’s hungry, and if it answers yes, then the “cookies” run away from it to avoid being caught.

If it answers no, the cookies stand in place. It’s an exciting game where you get to pretend to be cookies, escaping from the infamous cookie monster.

8. Band-Aid Tag

Band-Aid Tag

This is another playful tag game where when a person is tagged, they have to place their hand over the spot where they were tagged, like a make-do Band-aid. After two “band-aids,” the player needs another to tag them again to be free.

It’s like collecting Band-Aids to heal and then continue playing again. You need to make sure that you do not get tagged too many times, which then causes you to exit the game as you have now got too many band-aids.

9. Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag

This is a game of tag where you play regular tag with a special twist. Here, instead of tagging by touching one another, you step on each other’s shadows to “tag” them. Shadows only form when something blocks the sunlight, so this is a fun way to play around with shadows as a game of tag.

Following shadows is a fun way to play tag, as it shows you the numerous shadows that are formed due to the sun. This can also prove to be a fun and interesting learning experience for younger kids.

10. Pokemon Tag

Pokemon Tag

Another exciting game inspired by the Pokemon world. Here, all the kids are to run around to “catch” one another, so when you do catch someone, it’s like you caught a Pokemon in your hand, and they get tagged.

It’s a mix of tag and your favorite Pokemon adventures. Everyone gets to be the trainer and gets to catch all the “Pokemon.” The player can also name his Pokemon, so when he catches someone, he can call out the name of the Pokemon he just caught.

11. Scarecrow Soccer Tag


This is another fun game with a twist. When you’re tagged by someone, you become a scarecrow, and your legs stand as the posts of a soccer goal. So to be free from this, a player has to crawl through your “legs” as if they’re shooting a soccer ball through the goal.

It’s an exciting game where everyone gets to pretend to be a scarecrow and simultaneously play soccer.

12. Color Tag

Color Tag .jpg

This is a colorful and interesting game that’s also like a learning curve. First, certain areas are marked with different colors. When someone is tagged, they need to quickly run to the spot with the color that the player mentions.

After that, they are made to do jumping jacks while spelling out the name of the color. This is a fun way to have interactive sessions with other kids.

13. Robot Tag

Robot Tag

This is a game of tag where you get to be robots. When someone tags one, they turn into robots and walk like one. It’s like a game of dance and tag mixed into one. Isn’t being a robot awesome? Why would one mind be tagged in this game?!

If you are worried that you will lose your energy, don’t worry! There is a safe zone where one can take a short break, too. Show off your cool robot moves and enjoy.

14. Flashlight Tag

Flashlight Tag

This is also an exciting game that is very fun in the dark. Here, you use flashlights to tag your friends. You shine your flashlight to tag the others, and whoever the light touches is tagged.

It’s like hiding and seeking in real-time with the help of flashlights. Have your adventure in the dark with your friends, and of course, can’t forget your flashlights!

15. Pac-Man Tag

Pac-Man Tag

The Pac-Man video game inspires this. Here, you and your friend get to become characters from the game and chase each other around. Just like a Pac-Man, one person is the one who tags, and the others run away.

When the player tags someone, they team up with the player and join the chase. This game is all about chasing, tagging, and, moreover, having the best time with your friends.

16. Animal Tag

Animal Tag

This is a game where you and your friend pretend to be animals while playing tag. Instead of just running, you can do what animals do: hop, crawl, and even pretend to be different animals.

When you tag someone, they become the next animal. It’s a game that guarantees some good laughter sessions along with a good time. You get to be different animals while having a lot of fun in the tag.

17. Zombie Tag


This is a spookier version of the regular version of the tag. Instead of using your hands to tag someone, you use your pool noodle balloons to tag your friends, who then pretend to be zombies.

When you’re tagged, you join the zombies and help tag the rest. It’s like being in a zombie movie where you get to be a zombie and infect the others and get to run from one.

18. Cops and Robbers Tag

Cops and Robbers Tag

This game of tag combines two great games into one. Some kids become cops, and others become robbers. The cops chase the robbers to tag them similarly to a chase.

But here’s where it gets interesting: as the cops try to catch the robbers, the robbers then try their best to dodge them and protect themselves from being caught. It’s an adventure with police and robbers in a nutshell! Kids get to make the most out of this experience by being a cop and robbers all at the same time.

19. Water Freeze Tag

Water Freeze Tag

This is another fun game that is best for the summer season. It is just like a regular game of tag, but you have to use water guns as equipment. When somebody shoots you with a water gun, you are “frozen” in place and can’t move until another friend tags you to “melt” you with their water gun.

This is similar to a water fight, but included in it is the fun of tag. Water guns can be a great source of fun during summer and won’t make you feel tired or hot as water guns are constantly splashing you.

20. Pizza Tag

Pizza Tag

Here is a delicious twist to the regular game of tag. Some players get to be “chefs” while others become “pizza toppings.” The chefs begin to chase the toppings to tag them.

When a topping is caught and tagged, it stays put as it becomes a part of the pizza. Become a part of this tasty adventure with the Pizza Tag!

21. Dragon Tag

Dragon Tag .jpg

In this game of tag, you and your friends turn into dragons. You link your arms with each other to create a dragon chain, and the last person wears a scarf on his hand to be the dragon’s tail. Your motive is to steal the other team’s “tail” without losing yours.

If somebody untucks your tail, you’re out of the game. This game requires teamwork and strategy, and you’re ready to take on this dragon adventure and conquer “tails”!

22. Triangle Tag

Triangle Tag

This is another cool game where friends work in teams of three. That’s why the name of the triangle tag falls. Two people in one team protect the third person, who is the main player who is supposed to be tagged by the “it” person.

The “it” person tries to catch the player to tag them, and the other two players try to shield them from being tagged. This also requires teamwork and strategy to play correctly.

23. Crab Tag

Crab Tag

In this game of tag, there is a twist on how you move. Instead of running, the players move by getting down on all fours. One person is “it” and tags the others while also moving like a crab. It’s like a crab race, along with the game of tag combined.

The person who is tagged joins the crab’s team and helps tag the rest. It is a fun way to switch up the regular way of playing tag.

24. Dead Ant Tag

Dead Ant Tag

This is a silly but very fun way of playing tag. When someone tags you, you fall on your back with both of your arms and legs dangling in the air, just like a dead ant. To revive yourself, somebody has to tag each of your “limbs”.

This way, you are able to get back in the game. This game adds a little bit more fun and chaos to your regular game of tag. It is sure to add some laughter among your friends.

25. Pinnie Tag

Pinnie Tag

This is an exciting game of tag where everyone wears a small flag called pinnae hanging from their clothes. The aim of this game is to grab other players’ pinnies while making sure you don’t lose yours. Once you lose your pinkie, you’re out.

In this game of tag, there’s a hunt for the pinnies combined. The player with the last remaining pinnae wins the game. This game requires energy as it is competitive and strategic.

26. Blind Man’s Bluff

Blind Man's Bluff .png

In this game, one person is blindfolded and becomes the “Blind Man.” This person then tries to catch the others while being blindfolded throughout. Players move around and avoid getting tagged by the “blind man.”

It’s a challenging game as the blind man can’t see but could touch you accidentally, so you have to move carefully and quickly. It’s thrilling and a lot of fun, especially when you have a lot of friends over and are thinking of what games to play.

27. Stick It On Tag

Stick It On Tag

In this game, players wear vests that have different things attached to them. Other players have to try and grab those things while everyone moves around. If somebody manages to take anything from your vest, you’re “it.”

It’s the normal game of tag combined with the challenge of taking stuff. You need to think quickly and move quickly on your feet to snatch things and avoid having yours taken.

28. Pirates and Sailors Tag

Pirates and Sailors Tag

Another adventurous game of tag where some players are pirates, and others are sailors. The sailors have to move from one “ship” to another without being noticed or getting tagged by the pirates, resulting in which they’ll be sent to the “pirate ship.”

It’s a mix of imagination, tag, and a fun background story about pirates and sailors.

29. Everybody’s It Tag

Everybody's It Tag

This is a super fun game where everyone gets to be the tagger. In this game, there’s no single “it.” Every player gets their turn to be the one who tags and chases others.

This way, nobody is left out and gets a fair chance to be the tagger. The game remains exciting, lively, and full of fun.

30. Laser Tag

Laser Tag

This is a game of tag that uses lasers instead of physically touching one another. The motive behind this game is to tag the players by aiming the lasers at their gear. When somebody gets tagged by a laser, their gear lights up or exhibits a sound to show that they’ve been tagged.

It’s a more high-profile version of the regular tag. The energy and excitement are doubled with this game of tag. You get to move around, run, and chase, all while aiming your lasers at your opponents.

31. Kick the Can Tag

Kick the Can Tag

This is another super interesting game that combines tag with hide and seek. One player gets to be “it,” who guards the can that is placed in an open area. The other players remain in hiding while the tagger closes their eyes and begins a countdown.

The goal for the players in hiding is to kick the can without being tagged by the tagger. If tagged, the player goes to a specific spot. This player can be rescued by fellow hiders by trying to kick the can without being tagged. This game gives the thrill of hiding and the excitement of seeking.

32. Kho Kho

Kho Kho

This is a very strategic game of tag. It is played outdoors, with two teams taking charge as defenders and chasers. The chasers try to tag players from the opposition team. The twist in this game is that the chasers have to run in a specific manner, touching players all while chanting “kho kho.

The players who are defending avoid being tagged by dodging. Players can also “run out” by touching a player from the defender’s side. This game requires thinking on the spot, along with teamwork and strategic planning.

33. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag

This game of tag combines tag with a treasure hunt. Players are divided into two teams. Each team has a “flag” hidden in their territory. The motive is to sneak into the opponent’s territory capture their flag, and bring it back to your team without being tagged by the opposition.

If you’re tagged, you remain out of the game until your teammates rescue you. This game requires speed planning and teamwork. Use smart tactics to win over the other time, and don’t forget to have fun!

34. Footprint Tag

Footprint Tag .jpg

Another game of tag with a twist! Every player has a paper footprint attached to them. The goal is to step on the others’ footprints while getting a hold of your own. When someone steps on your footprint, you become the tagger.

In this game, instead of touching each other to tag them, you step on each other’s footprint. This introduces a new flow of movement and makes it more fun.

35. Marco Polo

Marco Polo .png

Marco Polo is a water game that combines tag with hide and seek. One person is “Marco,” who closes their eyes and calls out the name “Marco.” The other players who are “polo” respond by saying “polo.” Marco intently listens and tries to tag the polo players by following their voices.

The polo players can move freely around the water area, trying to avoid being tagged. It’s a game of strategy and attention. One needs to be attentive to be able to follow the voices and tag the rest. It surely calls for some fun and enjoyment.

Final Verdict

Tag games are a wonderful way for kids to have fun while being active during their PE class or even while they’re playing at home with family. From the classic tag to the numerous versions as listed above, these games combine running, chasing, adventure, teamwork, and strategy.

Many of these tag games involve a lot of twists, like color tag and zombie tag, that make them so different from the usual game of tag.

A right sense of companionship and sportsmanship spirit should accompany any kind of activity. Kids at their age learn things quickly, so it is important to imbibe these values and qualities involved in sports early on.

It is even more beneficial to kids to learn about these important values as it makes way for healthy competition with peers.

These games are perfect for PE classes, gatherings, or play dates without any further worry about serious injuries.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Game of Tag?

A game of tag is a fun outdoor activity where players chase and touch each other to tag them. There’s one player who is “it” or the tagger who then tags other players. It is a fun way for kids to be active and develop a healthy sportsmanship spirit among their peers.

Do Tag Games Require the Equipment?

Most tag games can be played without tag games. But certain games require specific equipment for the added fun factor. Certain games are Laser Tag and Water Freeze Tag, where one requires lasers and water guns. Certain games also require scarves or pinnies to play.

Do Tag Games Develop Skills?

Tag games play a good part in developing social skills in children. They develop agility, encourage cooperation with teammates, encourage critical and strategic thinking, and also the ability of quick decision-making.

Are Tag Games Beneficial Educationally?

Certain Tag games promote knowledge in children in the form of learning about colors, shadows, shapes, etc. These games help to combine playtime with learning which can be beneficial for children, especially during the age that they’re developing rapidly.

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