Feb 27, 2014

More Awesome Finds at the NY Toy Fair

As promised yesterday, I wanted to share a few more playthings I uncovered while running (literally), through  NY Toy Fair last week.  I only had about 4 hours to cover it all, and well, that just ain’t enough.

In the coming weeks I will be serving up many more on my TV segments, so consider these posts simply an appetizer. And most of these aren’t even out yet, so ya saw em’ here first!

First up are a few new products from the Hasbro blogger showcase.  This party is one of my favorites because Hasbro ALWAYS has such innovative stuff, AND I get to see some of my favorite NYC bloggers as well. win/win. This year, the new products by Playdoh just screamed FUN!!!  Like this “launch game” that invites kids to first create with the ever-popular dough, and then use it to play a crazy launching game.  Extended play is always a good thing.


And then there was THIS!  It’s called Doh Vinci, and it’s like using a glue gun full of pliable playdoh to create all sorts of arty designs.  I may have stayed at this display a little too long, jaw-dropped. Creative, open-ended, crafty, fun.


We also saw all sorts of new blasters, but this one from Nerf, with a built in screen sorta got me all excited.  Look for it out this holiday season!


As far as traditional board games go, Hasbro always has something new and innovative up their sleeves.  My two favs were this fast paced electronic scrabble game….


And this PERSONALIZED Monopoly game.  How cool is this?

I can just see my boys making markers for their friends, other relatives, and the dog. Way to make board games less boring, Hasbro!


This next plaything is from the power house toy makers at Spin Master.  Check this out…


This is Maddy, and she’s a “Chatster”  She’s all equipped with digital technology that injects an interactive and fun-loving personally into this hipster doll.  They’re still perfecting her, but she’ll be all ready to rock this holiday season! Can you say “must-have’?

And last but not least, a great product from a small toy company.  I love these little guys.  This is called The SparkUp Reader.

It records and stores up to 50 books and allows your child to be read to by you or grandma or grandpa or Uncle Joe anytime they want.  It literally recognizes the page they are on and plays that page for your kiddo.  You could also use it to narrate the stories behind a book of your chid’s artwork or even a photo album you’ve created!  LOVE that. I mentioned to the SparkUp peeps that I would love this for my cookbooks..they’re working on that for me:)

 Like I said there were MANY more amazing toys and games at Toy Fair this year.  So stay tuned here on the blog for my upcoming TV segments where I’ll be featuring a bunch more.

Here’s to being Well Played this year, for your kids and for yourself.


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