May 19, 2014

Jumping Off the Swings

A couple of weeks ago I posted on FB about wanting to find a swing and do some jumping. It’s a risk I can still take at 40-something, without breaking important things like legs and arms.  I have always loved swings. They call to me like sirens on chains.  And pumping, getting really high, switching your grip, and jumping off gets me all giddy. It’s a simple thrill, a brief moment of flight, and one slightly scary second of “how’s this gonna end?!”

In between games at my son’s basketball tourney this past weekend I stepped outside the school and spied a very inviting playground. With a row of very lonely swings. My 16 year old and I ran over and scooped up the chance to act like little kids again, and it was delightful.

Never pass up an opportunity to play on a playground…with or without any children in toe. People will look at you funny as you hit the slide, swing from the monkey bars, or launch yourself from a swing.  They will.

And then, if they’re really cool, they’ll follow your lead.

Find five Minutes today to let your inner five year old take flight.

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