Jun 10, 2014

30 Perfect June Outfits from Lucky

30 Perfect June Outfits from Lucky Mag
I recognize that I am not 20-something or even 30-something any longer, but I am still LONGING to give the crop top and full, brilliant skirt trend a go. Because the crop is not all that cropped and the skirt is high-waisted, I think I just might be able to pull it off. A few more oblique crunches and a couple less handfuls of Lays, and I’m ready. Just love the look. It’s playful and fun and just the right amount of revealing. And we’re talking about exposing our upper midsection, not the lower muffin-top-prone bits. Right?  All I need is the perfect event…a summer soiree, an evening in the city, or maybe a stroll along the Seine.

Are we 40-somethings just too old for this? And truthfully, do I really care what “they” think? hmmm…

I’m also using this list of fun June looks from Lucky Mag. as inspiration for gathering outfits for my trip to Europe starting next week. I’m going for chic and touristy, with a side of walking-around-all-day-with-my-kids.

Wish me luck.
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