Jul 17, 2014

6 Bags to Help You Carry Your (Kids’) Stuff Through the Rest of Summer

Summer is about halfway over and it seems like the peak of beautiful days filled with park visits and playdates. And stuff. A lot of stuff. Sunscreen, a change of clothes, snacks, lots of water bottles, flip flops, sunglasses, toys, swim suits, towels… the list seems infinite.

Bring a lot of sass and color to all that stuff with one of these cute summer tote bags. They’re colorful, cheerful, and will have a few jokes for mom packed-in, too.

  1. Emotional Baggage, from The School of Life

  2. Thank God It’s Friday, from Etsy

  3. Book *Wine Bag, from Etsy

  4. Hooray Tote, from Ban.do

  5. Blocked Tote, from Zappos

  6. Standard Baggu in Cat, from Baggu
Have a go-to tote you carry around during the summer? Share it on the Meredith Plays Facebook page or Tweet it at @MeredithPlays.

—By Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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