Sep 3, 2014

Back to School Accessories for Moms

Last week, I shared a collection of glam Back to School accessories for mom’s office. This week, I’ve gathered up a few super-fun B2S items for moms on the go! My fave? Those AWESOME floral headphones. So hip and super classy.

1. The Bell Jar necklace { Out of Print, $30 }

2. Leather Tote { Comes in a ton of colors, Gap, $135 }

3. Parisienne Pencil Case { Anthropologie, $24 }

4. Hello Darling Stationary Set { Kate Spade, $30 }

5. Skullcandy ‘Knockout Floral’ Headphones { Nordstrom, $99.99 }

—Post and graphic by Alaina Buzas, contributor

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