An "Elf" Drinking Game for the Whole Family


Tonight is our family’s annual “Elf” viewing party. Just the 4 of us, saying every line of the movie with no worries of bothering outsiders while doing so.  We plan to go pick out our tree at our local and very charming “Bob’s” tree stand, order up some pizza, prepare the hot cocoa with loads of fixin’s and then settle in on the couch all tangled in legs and blankets and belly laughs.

If your family adores the movie “Elf” like we do, then you’ll love this fun “drinking game” we’ve created for the whole fam.

Use our printable as a launch pad, adding additional movie lines or favorite bits to look for and drink to, as your kids get older and wiser.

I love to create a whole hot cocoa bar with a variety of toppings and accessories. And loads of mini marshmallows.


And feel free to add a splash of Baileys to yours. You deserve it.

Enjoy this weekend of play and love and Christmas cheer!




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