Oct 20, 2015

Indoor Skydiving at iFLY! AKA: checking our egos and fear at the door and learning to PLAY in midair.

This past weekend we celebrated a big birthday for my son Maxwell.

 18.  Wowzer.

I have to keep repeating that number out loud to myself, in the hopes that my brain will at some moment actually believe it to be true. There were lots of surprises for Max.  I like surprises.
Surprises like his Florida-based grandparents flying in and sitting in his bedroom on Friday, so that when he opened the door after school...boom!  SURPRISE!!

A room full of balloons and our traditional pancakes in bed on his birthday morning, special gifts from family, a giant wall collage including photos from every themed birthday party I've so happily produced, and images all of the family members who have supported and loved him over the last 18 years, and a special dinner where we all sat together and told "Max story" after Max story, after Max story.

We laughed, we got teary (well, I got teary), and we toasted to all the amazing things Max will do in the next 18.

Oh, and we all tried out our wings at FLYING, for Max's birthday too. Because taking flight at 18 just seemed right.  And we're a family, so no one flys alone. "iFLY" experiences are popping up all over the country, and if one is anywhere near you, you're going to want to get yourselves some of that.  It's not cheap, so I saved it for this whole birthday thing.  Birthdays are a great excuse to splurge a little and soar, don't ya think?

We got some fabulous videos in our flight package, so I just had to share!
Check it out...

This is not an Ad for iFLY...we paid for this crazy fun and we would do it again!:)
If you're hungry for a little safe adventure and bonkers playtime with your best mates, we Sinclairs highly recommend.

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