Apr 13, 2016

Inspired by Kids

We talk so much about wanting to find ways to inspire play in our daily lives. What better place to look for a spark of fun than kids themselves?

Here are three ways to follow their lead and inspire play in your daily routine:

1. Add some youth to your Instagram feed: Plenty of kids have accounts run by their parents these days. Start with this list from Design*Sponge, which includes future fashion tycoons, super cuties, and really goofy gals.

2. Watch kids cook: I love cooking shows, but when they feature pros, it often makes me feel less inspired to try to cook a beautiful meal. Instead, turn to shows that feature kids for some real inspiration on being playful in the kitchen and letting your imagination (and taste buds) guide the way. A few to check out:

3. YouTube Tricks: A few kids recently begged me to watch this People are Awesome video on YouTube, and guess what? People really are awesome. Here's the kids edition, which features toddlers snowboarding and other adorable, wonderful things. These videos are an easy way to add a little inspiration into your routine and get you thinking "Hey! I could do that!" 

Where do you find the inspiration to be more playful?

—Alaina Buzas, Contributor 

PS. Photo taken when I received a bunch of SUPER BRIGHT LEGOs in the mail, which I ordered to make my Architecture kit (LEGO "for adults") a little more playful.

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