Jun 20, 2016

Four ways to stop "adulting" so hard

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be fully overcome with playfulness?

I’m talking about the kind of overcome that stops time, squashes your adult ego, has you forgetting that you even own a phone that proclaims to be so smart and has your inner 8-year-old jumping for utter joy.

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Most of us grown-ups don’t often enough turn off the notifications and “to-do’s” for a beat and make time for full-on frivolity.

In my latest column for Chicago Parent, I shared four tips from my book, Well Played, that will help you put that serious adult stuff aside and reap the rewards of a life well played.

You can check out the full column and tips over at ChicagoParent.com.

And after that, you can grab your own copy of Well Played right here.

( PS. A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to my friends at Chicago Parent for this super fun moment of play caught in time. Thanks for featuring Tru and I on the cover this month, and showing that both tweens and parents aren't too cool or too old to play! )

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