Nov 28, 2016

More Fun Mondays: DIY Wrapping Paper

This week for More Fun Mondays, I have an idea. Instead of trying to hide those presents you bought for family and friends on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, why not wrap them sooner with some DIY festive paper? They'll look rad under your tree and everyone can admire your wrapping style (and maybe rapping style, depending on the holiday music you prefer). 

I know, ugh, this sounds like a lot of work, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a few ideas for making your own wrapping paper (and one cheat): 

1. Washi tape it.

Last year I bought a couple rolls of butcher paper and a handful of rolls of washi tape. Instead of putting names on each package, each member of the family had a designated colored tape on their wrap. It was really simple to do and not messy at all. I love this holiday pack from Michaels that will last you year round.

2. Get the kids to do it.

Here's a fun trick (let me know how it works out!): Set up a craft table with large rolls of paper and lots of art supplies. Paint, stamps, markers, whatever you have laying around that your kids LOVE. Have them decorate the paper, and then use their creations to wrap their presents. They'll know exactly what is theirs under the tree on Christmas morning. 

3. Sticker it. 

This solution seems so simple and obvious, and yet I feel like our minds go straight to potato stamps. Buy some plain colored wrap or kraft paper, and a bunch of stickers. Get something seasonal, grab a sheet featuring your family or friend's favorite animal, or go super simple like the bright pink dots PopSugar used in this example. 

4. Buy it. 

Rather buy than create? Skip the chain store and hop on instead. There are a bunch of stores selling holiday wrap. A few of my faves include Coal from Norman's Printery and these Pink Nebula sheets from Chroma Space.

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