Aug 8, 2017

Your Playground | Every Snapshot Has a Story

Making your home your "playground" is a big way to ensure everyday play. Don't worry, I won't be encouraging you to install monkeybars indoors or buying everything in neon. Not all play has to be physically romping around or involve glitter.

Instead, we can take time to engage in verbal playfulness. One of my favorite ways to do this is placing bowls filled with playful things on your dining room table or the kitchen island. Today, we're talking about a big bowl of photos, an idea featured in my book, "Well Played". 

Yes, printed photos. We're about to facilitate some analog snap chats.

And it's pretty easy. You can literally do it this afternoon. You'll need:
  • A bowl or basket or tray to hold the photos
  • Printed photos
That's it! Gather some pictures from before the kids were born, when they were just tots, all the way up to today. You know, the ones stashed away in dusty albums in the back of your closet.

When you're prepping dinner or just hanging out, pull photos from the bowl and tell stories about what that day was like, and the best thing that happened. Someone might have a perspective you never knew, and you might end up on the floor laughing.

Not only is this fun way to reconnect and reminisce with your kids, it can be a BIG hit with guests as well. It might even get your kids interested in taking their own photos. 

Get out the albums, pull out some photos, and let the reminiscing begin!


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