Dec 22, 2017

Christmas Scattergories Printable

We had so much fun playing Thanksgiving Scattergories last month, I decided to modify the printable for Christmas.

If you're hosting your family for Christmas celebrations, this is a great game that all ages can play together.

There are two parts to this printable: player sheets and category cards. I recommend printing the player sheets double sided so each player just needs a half sheet of paper, making it easier for everyone to find a hard surface like a book to use to write on. And, there are nine different category cards so you can play a few rounds without things getting repetitive.

You'll also need a timer and an alphabet die. If you own the regular Scattergories game, just grab those out of the box box. If you don't have an alphabet die, you could write all the letters of the alphabet on a piece of paper, cut them up, and have someone choose randomly from a basket. Or, use the letters of your family's last name in order through the rounds.

This printable is 100% free because nothing makes me happier than having all generations having FUN together during the holidays.

Christmas Scattergories Free Printable

Holiday Cheers to all!


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  2. Hi! I was trying to download the Christmas Scattergories and it just takes me to a black page. Is there anyway you could give me a working link? I'm so excited to play this with my family and in-laws at our first join Christmas this year!!! Thanks so much for your creativity and generosity!

  3. I can't download the Christmas Scattergories either

  4. I can't download the list either and i really want to play this with the family

  5. I am having trouble downloading this as well.

  6. I cant download this printable :(

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