Jan 17, 2018

Winter Olympics Activities for Kids

The Winter Olympics in PyeongChang are a month away, and I know my family can't wait to watch. We spent the weekend skiing at Mammoth and it got me so excited for the upcoming games.

In the next couple of weeks, I'll be sharing some ideas for Olympic watch parties, including ideas for families and adults. Also make sure you're following my Winter Olympics for Kids Pinterest board to keep track of all the ideas and games. To get us started, here are some fun activities I've loved doing with my kids over the years that you can get a head start on.

DIY Olympic Torch

This is a fun one to do leading up to the Opening Ceremonies. The torch has already been on it's journey to PyeongChang for a while, and this is a great way to get kids looking forward to the games. Making your own torch is an awesome creative activity that's also a great opportunity to learn about how each games has it's own custom torch design, and how you would represent yourself or your own country! Check out more photos and the directions here.

Printable International Flag Garland Coloring Pages

This is another really great way to play that can also be educational. There are 12 different countries represented in this PDF, and I'm guessing not a lot of them are common in a lot of our kids' school books. This is a great way to opportunity to learn a few new things about some far away places. Once each flag is colored, cut them out, fold over the line, and use string or ribbon to hang them up in your home. Make this ahead of time as a decoration to get your house in the playful spirit for the games. (I also included a cheat sheet for the correct flag colors, so you don't have to Google the ones you are unsure of.) Get it here.

Put Yourself on the Podium

Did you imagine yourself on the podium when you were a kid? Did you ever want to grow up to be in the Olympics? Based on my current skiing skills, I wouldn't have quite made the team, but it's fun to imagine myself on those slopes! Draw yourself or your favorite athletes on the podium, or use this printable to track the medal count for your home country. Print your podium.

Play Opening Ceremony Bingo

We LOVE a silly bingo game around here and created one just for the 2018 Winter Olympics featuring athletes and advertisements we know we'll see, and in anticipation of some rumored surprises. There are seven different sheets, so nobody has to  have the exact same card. The Opening Ceremonies are so fun to watch, but can seem a little repetitive and long, so this mixes things up and makes you notice things you wouldn't otherwise. Print the PDF here.

A few more ideas for celebrating the Olympics with kids:
  • Create a team t-shirt for your family using craft paint or stamps.
  • Play games at home. Have a sled relay race, or use Nerf bows to compete in archery. 
  • Use recyclable materials to make coveted medals or ribbons, then construct a winners podium from boxes or plastic containers. 
  • Create keychains or bracelets using beads the colors of the Olympic rings.


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