Mar 7, 2018

Celebrating International Women's Day

Women's History Month and International Women's Day aren't the only time we should be celebrating women, but they are a great reminder for us to empower the women around us and celebrate all the wonderful things they do.

There are so so many organizations, companies, and initiatives that are leading by example, and today I wanted to share just a few that I'm more familiar with. Hopefully they'll inspire you to empower and lift up the women in your life, and around the world.

Beauty Begins Within

I've been so impressed by justBobbi, created by beauty icon Bobbi Brown, and their partnership with Health Warrior, a superfood snack company. They've teamed up to created a Dragon Fruit Chia Bar exclusively for Girls, Inc., and organization that empowers girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

They sent me a few of the bars to try, and of course, they're delicious, but more importantly, they're using this platform as a way to make waves. 100% of profits from sales of the Beauty Begins Within Bar go straight to Girls, Inc..

This partnership is such an awesome reminder that you can use your own strengths to empower others, even if it doesn't seem like your interests are all the same.

Ladies Get Paid

Ladies Get Paid empowers women to be confident in their work and get the pay (and promotions) they deserve, and they have fun doing it. Founded by Claire Wasserman, LGP hosts town halls, meet ups, workshops, happy hours, and more, all focused on helping you kick some serious butt in your career and connect with other women doing the same thing. Oh, and their "mascot" is a pink scrunchie. 

One of my favorite things about Ladies Get Paid is their emphasis on self-care and community building. We shouldn't be pushing each other off the mountain while we race to the top, we should make sure to stop for a mani-pedi on the way, and maybe a cocktail or two with our friends. 

Ladies Get Paid also has a strong online community, where members can share work advice, resources, job opportunities, or just talk. It's all about creating connections and empowering women to lift each other up, and build their own confidence at the same time. And although this group is all about the cash, LGP is free to join.

To the Market

To the Market partners with existing artisan groups to connect them with global consumers, and help them grow their businesses. Founded by Jane Mosbacher Morris, To the Market believes in empowerment through employment and ethical production, and use their position to champion communities in need.

TTM sells bags, jewelry, clothing, home goods, and more, all in one easy-to-browse web shop, that can also be sorted by cause. One of my favorite things about To the Market is their Stories page, which showcases their latest partnerships and initiatives, and truly makes the whole experience feel like a community.

Next time you're looking for a unique hostess gift, new necklace, or even a pair of shoes, consider checking out places like To the Market, that sell beautiful goods with the goal of empowering vulnerable communities.

Although I love all three of these female-led groups, it's good to remember there are so many things we can do to uplift and empower women through everyday actions. Show your appreciation for your gal pals by cooking them dinner, sending them a just-because note in the mail, and remember to practice shine theory.

Cheers to women, all around the world!

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