Apr 26, 2018

Five fun DIY ideas for Mother's Day

Looking for some unexpected gift ideas this year for Mother's Day? I've got you covered with five fun and easy gift ideas for the women you're celebrating.

1. 10 Balloons & 10 Things I Love About You

Adapted from this fun surprise idea from Studio DIY, fill a big box with ten helium balloons. Then, tie one note to each balloon with a special message. The balloons may not last forever, but she'll keep the notes for years to come. We even created a special printable with beautiful cards with prompts (and a few blank ones) you can print and use for your notes. Download the printable here.

2. A Year of "Open When..." Cards

I love the idea of "Open When..." cards. A little pick-me-up when we need it the most. We've created a printable so you can give mom a year's worth of "Open When..." cards. It includes 52 cards, with lots of prompts to get you started, and a few blank labels so you can include some inside jokes and special secrets you share.

There are four envelope labels on each page, so print and cut them out. Then use a glue stick or cute washi tape to attach them to envelopes. They're 3x5 inches and can fit most envelopes. Inside the envelopes, include notes, photos, or little gifts. Download the Open When Cards printable here.

3. Photo Bookmarks 

I love these "fly away" bookmarks created by Wendy Hyde. Have your kids post like they're being lifted away by balloons (or whatever funny pose they love), print them out, and use them to create these bookmarks. Try sticking one in mom's favorite book for an extra special gift. Get the full instructions over on Wendy Hyde's blog.

4. Family LEGO Portrait

Does you family love LEGO? I always enjoy seeing the latest mini-figs that come out, which makes this project just super fun. Either mix-and-match parts to create custom mini-figures that look like your family, or pick a favorite character for each family member. Get the full DIY over on Apartment Therapy.

5. Pom Pom Branches

Give mom a super unique bouquet by creating your own Pom Pom Branches. I made these last Fall and they were so easy, and pretty! I still have them in my living room today. Use mom's favorite colors, or pick colors that match the colors in your house. See the full DIY video and get all the instructions here

Good luck with these DIY's! If you create one for mom, post it online and tag me @meredithplays or with #BeWellPlayed. 

— Meredith


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