Jun 6, 2018

How to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer Break is HERE!

Our kiddos are wrapping up their collective school years and we’re beginning to turn our eyes to a summer break full of fun and games, right? Or are you bracing yourself for 6-8 weeks as your kids cruise director?

It’s my firm belief that if we really want more “spontaneous” fun and playfulness in our lives, we have to plan for it, and let our kids take some ownership for their own summer fun.

It sounds super counter-intuitive, but time and again we all talk a big “summer fun” game, and then end up falling into our same old routines, and never quite DOING all those seemingly frivolous things we mutter-on about. We are NOT our kids’ balloon-animal-making clowns! Help them plan their own fun!

So, in honor of pre-producing some serious silly playtime this summer (and NOT just for your kids), I give you the Summer PLAY Planner!

Download my 2018 Summer Play Planner Worksheet

Fill this thing out with your family and hang it somewhere y’all can’t avoid! Your fridge, the top on the washing machine, the dash of your car, the wine rack… wherever you visit on a daily basis.

Then check this bad-boy off as you actually DO all the stuff you’re talking about doing this summer!  Make sure it includes stuff just for YOU, or you and your mate, or girlfriends. It isn’t ALL about the kids, and it’s important for your offspring to see you whooping it up sometimes too.

Need a few ideas? What about...

Let’s show summer break who’s BOSS, shall we?

Now GO… go play!
— Meredith


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