Sep 27, 2013

My Faves from Time To Play Holiday 2013

Some of my personal favs from the Time to Play Holiday Showcase in NYC  were the new Monopoly Empire game where the goal of the game is to buy and sell big brands like XBOX, McDonalds, and Nerf to grow your Trump-like empire. My guys would totally dig this version.

And while I’m a bit beyond the Elmo years, the Big Hug Elmo stole my hug-lovin heart.  It truly feels like he’s giving you a good squeeze.

Zoomer the robo dog is another of this season’s quirky and fun playthings.  He sits, plays dead, fake pees, and does a bunch of other tricks all through the power of your voice commands.  too fun.

I’m also digging the resurgence of the erector set and think it’s something that boys, girls, and us grown ups will all enjoy fiddling with.

Finally, I am LOVING the new marker maker and crayon maker kits from Crayola. These craft-meets- science labs will get your art-reluctant kids back to the craft table. Who doesn’t like melting crayons into molten mash-ups of color?  I mean, really.
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