Jan 22, 2014

A Sneak Peak at Sarah Jessica Parker's Hallmark Collection

The "mood board" for her new line

Sarah Jessica Parker and Hallmark…a beautiful collaboration.

Last week in NYC, Sarah Jessica Parker unveiled the lovely new line of cards, notepads, and gift bags she’s been busily designing for Hallmark.

At an intimate rooftop soiree, we listened as she described how her collection was developed and why notes and cards are such a treat for her in this world of instant messaging.  She told us that more than any gift she desires from her husband or children, it’s a hand written note she covets most.

I was delighted to be able to speak with her one on one about her new collection. My first question was if her infamous sense of fashion and style played a role in the design of her greeting cards.

"No, not really", she said unapologetically.

"I think they wanted that at first, but when they showed me their inspiration boards and suggestions, I asked if I could see their archives instead. It turns out they have the most beautiful images and materials from decades ago that have never been used. That’s where we started"

SJP’s line, available now at Hallmark stores nationwide, is a mix of vintage chic and classic style, with a bit of quirky sprinkled on top.  Very much like its name sake.

SJP is as genuine and girlfriend-next-door as they get.  And you’d definitely want to borrow this girlfriend’s clothes.

Hearing her talk of the importance of the written word and how cards become treasures like no other, certainly made me want to run out, buy a batch of beautiful cards, and return to the days of handwritten notes delivered to one’s door.

And yes, while I may look all cool and collected in the photos, in my head I was all “CARRIE!!!!”.

She’s really that cool.

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