Feb 6, 2014

DIY Olympic Torch

What you’ll need:

  • construction paper

  • paper towel roll (or two toilet paper rolls taped together)

  • scissors

  • tape and glue

  • tissue paper

  • stickers 
What to do:

  1. Cover the tube in construction paper. Use tape to secure the ends and glue to keep it attached. If the paper was too long, tuck the ends inside the tube.

  2. Use stickers to decorate the tube however you like!

  3. Cut your tissue paper pieces in half. We used yellow, orange, and a red plastic wrap. Stack the pieces so they are a bit uneven, then pinch and bunch together in the middle. Stick the bunched end into the tube and, if you like, attach with tape.

  4. Let the games begin! 
{ BONUS } Before you begin, do a mini lesson on the Olympic torch. You can even share a video of the torch in space from this year’s relay! Tell the kids about how each torch represents the country where the Olympics are held and encourage them to design a torch that represents their life.

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