Mar 6, 2014

I'm An Official Uber Raver

There’s a shiny new App. in town and everyone is simply RAVING about her.

After several months of hunting and gathering and making things all pretty, I’m finally able to announce that I’m an official “Uber Raver” over on the new Raved App.!  

This new mobile destination is a super-useful and fun mobile application that allows you to find loads of places, events, and other adventures with a few swift clicks.

Wherever you’re traveling, whether close to home or far, far, away, you can find the best spots to eat, shop, stay, or PLAY with the help of the folks you know and trust most. Your friends.

So come join the fun!  You can find my latest raves, along with special family fun “lists” I’ve created on my Uber Raver profile,

And I can’t wait to follow your raves as well! I’m always looking for the next great place to explore.

Cheers to new adventures and lots to RAVE about!

Hope to see you there,


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