May 1, 2014

Watercolor Nature Painting With Kids

It has been absolutely gorgeous weather lately and there’s basically no reason to not be outside with the kids. So we went to the shores of the Puget Sound this week to do some watercolor painting. The sea was practically calling to us.

We picked up a 10-pack of small canvases and some watercolor paints from the dollar store down the street a while ago and this was the perfect excuse to break them in. We packed a variety of brushes, a water bottle and small bowls for the brushes, a plastic bag for the paints after we were finished, and of course, snacks!

Sure, you could do this anywhere but I really encourage you to take the family to a space with sand and water. It was fun to use water from the tide pools to paint with, and we didn’t even mind when some sand got mixed in on the canvas.

Although doing artwork outside is always a great idea, this was really fun because we’ve been studying the local wildlife lately. It’s definitely a great opportunity to get the kids more interested in what they’re learning in the classroom.

This is also a great afternoon activity if your kids can’t sit still for very long. We split our time between painting and wading in tide pools, which was perfect because it gave our watercolors time to dry on the canvas.

— By Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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