Jun 3, 2014

Front Yard Fun

One of my favorite things about summertime is walking my dog through the neighborhood and seeing kids playing in the yards and on the sidewalks, running back and forth through each other’s houses with bare feet, popsicle dyed fingers and sprinkler soaked bathing suits.

I am fortunate to live on a quiet tree-lined street loaded with kiddos. It’s an active block and our neighbors are often out front overseeing the action going on in the front yards. But whether you live in a city apt., suburban housing development, or along a country road, I love the idea of bringing people out of their backyards and out into the front.

It’s how we all get to know each other, break through fences, and bond as block mates. My boys ages 12 and 16 can tend to stick with each other, Penny boarding down the sidewalks or shooting hoops in the backyard. They are the older guard now.

So this past weekend I decided to set up a little something in the front yard that I knew Truman, my 12 year old, and all the other kids and grown ups might enjoy diving into.

 I had been sent a batch of bows and foam “arrows” from the folks at Zing Toys. I’ve used them in a few TV segments and had a big stash in my office yearning to be flung through the air.


These large bows and Zing’s new Zano bows are the kind of toy kids simply can not resist.  Can not.


I also had a bunch of take out containers from our Walker Bros Pancake House breakfast that morning.  I always feel bad just throwing those things away.  So, I quietly and without any fanfare popped holes in the aluminum containers, and strung em’ up in the tree in our front yard. They made awesome targets for the foam arrows.

I piled the Zing bows and arrows in the yard, and gave a few Zano bows to some of the smaller kids on the block. Then I sat back and watched as the kids and adults gathered round.  To play.


Just another simple example of “if you build it they will come”.  I am now thinking of other ways to set the stage for communal play here on the front yards of the block.  For kids and their folks alike.

Front yards are for fun.  Let’s come out from behind our houses and get to know our neighbors, shall we?

Thanks Zing for sending me so many samples…the kids on the block are totally digging them:)


Disclosure:  I was not paid at all by Zing for this post or for taking them on TV.  I just really like this product.

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