Sep 21, 2014

How to Play a Game of Scrounge With Your Kids

I’ve asked contributor Aryanna Hunter to show us how to create our own game of “Scrounge”.

My older brother Daren (Aryanna’s fiancĂ©), and his buddies used to hold scrounge matches around our little hometown of Indiana PA when we were both in high school. Imagine car loads of teenagers racing around from clue to clue and location to location on a Friday night.  Yeah, awesome fun. Today Aryanna shows us how to adapt this super-sluthey race to the finish for you and your kiddos.  Get started today, and you’ll be ready to go by this weekend.  And your kids will think you hung the moon.

Here’s Aryanna with the 411…


Now I have heard many a Scrounge story from Daren throughout the years and last weekend we wanted to keep this throwback game alive. So we set out and planned an official Scrounge for Donovan and Camryn.

The object of the game is to read clues and determine location and landmarks around the town in which you live. When you arrive at a location you will find a task to perform or an item of some sort that you have to acquire. The tasks/items are worth points, the more difficult to do or find, the higher the point value. You are given a time deadline so the team who not only gets back first but has the most points at the final destination, wins.

We went with a theme for this Scrounge of “Movies”.

Daren and I spent some time coming up with clues to locations around our house like the attic, the backyard and spots around our town that the kids would know. In some way they all related to movies that the kids have seen Like Neverending Story and Honey! I Shrunk the Kids,  etc, etc.

Daren and I went around town to plant the task/item envelopes in the locations. We picked places like our local barbershop, who when we asked to leave the clue, were more than happy to be involved. All the waiting customers were also very intrigued by what we were up to.

The task at Parker Brother’s Barbershop? Collect hair from the floor in a plastic bag. Worth 10 points. Camryn was a little hesitant but quickly overcame her fear so the game could continue.


Next location, their Elementary School. Task, Perform the hand-jive. Grease is one of Camryn’s all-time favorite movies.


Since this was the introductory Scrounge for the kids we decided to keep them on the same team so they could learn the game. They completed each task and the final clue led them back home to our beach (which I wrote about before here) and we ended the Scrounge with family movie night.


While this is the first of many Scrounges in our home, we look forward to hearing about one that you have planned and keeping this throwback tradition alive.

Next, maybe Daren and I will plan a neighborhood Scrounge….can’t let the kids have all the fun!

Aryanna Hunter is an Iraq War veteran, mother of two, member of The Truman National Security Project, President of One Push Up, a non-profit organization designed to empower veterans out of poverty, and writes from her blog A Broad Sense.

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