Oct 1, 2014

Celebrate Socktober with These Playful Socks

There are some really surprising holidays on our calendars, but one I had never heard of was Socktober, or October as National Sock Month. Clearly, this is a really great excuse to buy some ridiculously awesome socks to keep our toes cozy as the weather grows cooler.

Here are ten pairs we rounded up from around the web to keep you on your feet and playing even in the cool of Fall.

  1. “You’re Not the Boss of Me,” Sitty Sassy (ModCloth, $9.99)

  2. White/Gray 3-Pack, (Target, $9)

  3. French Flower Socks (More & Co., $26)

  4. Sequin Crew Socks (Anthropologie, $20)

  5. Front Embellished Ankle Socks (ASOS, $19.04)

  6. Color-Block Liner-Sock 3-Packs (Old Navy, $6)

  7. Five Color Sock (Happy Socks, $12)

  8. 2 Pack Snakes and Roses Crew (Betsey Johnson, $20)

  9. Flower Trouser Socks (J.Crew, $10.50)

  10. Flowering Lark Socks (Smartwool, $19.95)
Socktober was actually started by the Smartwool company and SoulPancake to help make a difference for the homeless. Socktober encouraged people to start sock drives and support their local homeless shelters. Pretty cool!

—Graphic and post by Alaina Buzas, Contributor

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