Jan 19, 2015

Let's All Paint Something Pretty

I have not one fine arts bone in my body.  Not a one.

I can dance, and sing a little, and design a pretty room, but my hand has no real direction when given a paint brush or drawing tool.  But that’s cool, it doesn’t stop me from pretending I’m the next Picasso.

There is something really lovely and freeing about putting brush to canvas even when you’re completely inept. Cause who’s judging anyway?  No one.   This winter,  here in the gray and cold of Chicago I’m trying to take regular play breaks throughout the week. 20 minute sessions of silliness, frivolity, or artistic escape. We all need play breaks, not just our over-schedueled kids.  SO today I’m sharing a fun way to make colorful paint and paint brush holders using small “nut topping” cans and washi tape. Washi tape is God’s special gift to the non-crafty. And I am forever grateful.

I chose these particular cans because I discovered we had 3 of them at various levels of fullness in my pantry last week (we apparently like our nutty ice cream topping). As I dumped all the remaining nut sprinkles into a ziplock, I noticed how perfect the top opening was for wiping paint off of a paint brush.  And the idea was born.  You can use any can you like of course.

First rip off the paper label from the nut topping can and toss it.  Then, simply wrap your favorite wash tape designs around the can. SO easy, even for your youngest kiddos. The top of these cans aren’t sharp at all which makes them great for little hands as well.

How easy, bright and colorful is that?  The cans are great for brushes or to fill with paint…fill only halfway up, to leave room at the top to brush off excess paint from the brush.  I also bought a couple old school Crayola water color sets so I could pretend to be 6 again.  They’re still fun to mess with, even as a grown up.

Paint with your kids or take your own play break and get lost in a playful moment just for yourself. Either way, these fun little paint cans are sure to lure even the most reluctant artist.

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