Apr 6, 2015

My Favorite New App: Heads Up

My New Fav. CRAZY-Fun App. For All Your Embarrassing Party-Game Needs! And it’s only a buck.

Over Spring Break my fam. introduced me to Ellen Degeneres’s guessing game App. called “Heads Up”.  I know I should have known about this like months ago, but I’m writing a book, people!  And that stuff is HARD and all consuming.

It also means I am in desperate need of play breaks.

“Heads Up” is basically like Password with a phone.  The guesser holds their phone over their head as words in a specific category, pop up onto the screen. The clue-givers yell out words to help the guesser, well, guess. You try and get as many words as you can before time runs out.

When you download the App. Ellen takes a minute to describe the game, in case I just confused you. One of the best parts of the App. is that is also records the action, so you can re-play and laugh at your cute selves.

Here’s a look at one of our recent rounds where I try and help my 60-something dad guess folks in pop culture. Not funny at all.

I did confuse Tim Kazurinsky with John Kazinski from The Office. Whatever.

I’m thinking this game is going to be awesome around the fire at our lake cottage in Michigan this summer or for road trips, or simply anytime someone is feeling grumpy.

So, there ya go!

Go download that App. like right now.

Happy Monday, ya’ll!


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