Aug 12, 2015're so it.

We are literally counting down the days until we're all back in our school day routines and spending the majority of our days back inside working away.

I am ANTSY about doing as much as possible outside in the front yard, at the park, at the beach, or anywhere that is not in my house. Are you feeling that pull too?

I've done several TV segments this summer sharing the best toys and games and fun to have outside, and while all of the things I shared are indeed fabulous and fun-producing, wanna know what the one thing my son Tru always says is in his top 5 most fun things to do as a family?

Play tag.

Yep, T.A.G.

That game that costs zero money, has no props, and can be done just about anywhere.

The last time we really played tag as a fam. was at our cottage in MI.  All four of us running around the house, chasing, and "getting" each other had us in breathless stitches. There is nothing that bonds folks together in a happy way, better than play.

And while the idea of playing tag together may sound a little basic, if you REALLY go there and are in it to win it with your kids (like not put it on periscope or use it for an instagram photo opp.), kind on present, you will see what I mean about it being not only amazing for your kiddos, but flippin' amazing for you too.  Your inner 8 year old is gonna freak out.

So, if it's been way too long since you've frozen someone in place, tried to catch someone else's shadow, or felt that feeling of fleeing delight, then it's time to get yourself outside, check your grown-up-ness at the door, and tag it up.

Here are 5 tag variations to get you off and running.

Supplies needed:

  • 3 or more people who want to RUN!

*Freeze Tag: When the person who is “it” tags someone, they are “frozen” and cannot move until someone else unfreezes them.

*Shadow Tag: Played on a sunny day the object of the game is to keep your shadow away from the person who is “it.”

*Reverse Tag : The person who is “it” runs away from everyone else.

*Cartoon Tag: Once tagged, you must stand stay in place, imitating your favorite cartoon character, until another person tags you back in the game. This is pure ridiculousness.

*Everyone is it!: The person who is “it” tags you, you are both “it.” As more people are tagged, there are more people who are “it.” the last person not “it” wins – and becomes the first person “it” in the next round!

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