Sep 1, 2015

Playful Leaf Doodles to Welcome September!

The past two mornings, as I've walked my husband to the train I've noticed that here in Chicagoland, the leaves are just slightly beginning to change.  Fall has always been my favorite season, and although I really do not look forward to our long, cold winters here, I fully welcome this transition season with open armfuls of all things Autumn!
 I grew up in Western Pennsylvania where our hills came ALIVE with vibrant color every Fall, and although we didn't have Starbucks Pumpkin Spice latte's to indulge in back in the day, our rural town did provide all the other fall treasures like football Friday nights, games of cornfield tag, real pumpkins patches, and homecoming parades.  So this month, here on the site I'll be sharing some fun and easy-to-do fall activities for you and your kiddos to help you engage with what's going on outside.
 First up is this creative idea I found in a vintage Family Fun magazine.  
Leaf Doodles!

Collect and use the various leaf species in your neighborhood to create these one-of-a-kind leaf "doodles"
 Look up the leaf varieties you find, in a book or on line, and figure out whether your leaves' parents are oaks, maples, ash, etc.. (I have a thing for trees and their unique leafy foliage). 
Then lightly glue your leaves down on a blank piece of craft paper and using pencils, markers, or even chalks, see what you can  transform your tree leaves into.  Do this along with your kids and then let them go it on their own as well.  Plaything together always provides a fertile patch for great convos.

Your leaves will eventually dry out, but that's okay.  There are loads more to collect just outside your door.  If you live in an area without colorful fall laves, there's no shame in collecting some faux leaves at your craft store and using those.  Your kids won't care:)

Cheers to September and the coming of another beautiful season!

Be Well Played,

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