Sep 21, 2015

Time to celebrate the first day of FALL!

Fall is my absolute FAVORITE.

I have always liked the transition seasons the most, mainly because they bring with them a sense of something new coming just around the bend.  Spring comes in second, but Autumn will always hold first place in my book.

I grew up in Western PA where the seasons were distinct, and fall meant many wonderful things.  Friday night football games (I was that perky cheerleader jumping around on the sidelines), The Homecoming Parade for our local University, pumpkin and cinnamon and nutmeg in the air, fields of feed corn that we used to "borrow" from local farmers and use for "corning" people's houses, bonfire parties in high school, yummy sweaters and cozy socks, candy corn, candy corn, candy corn, and the rollings hills of vibrant color that surrounded our little rural town. I've lived in Chicago for the last 20 Autumns and with Wisconsin and Michigan as our neighbors, my fall obsession has been well fed every September, October, and November, living here as well.

As this Autumn slowly rolls in, it's slightly bitter/sweet for me. This is my last Autumn that will really feel like Autumn for awhile, as next fall I'll be living in L.A. where the closest thing I'll get to a patch of pumpkins is via the local Starbucks and their pop culture sensation the PSL, and  I'll be trading my cozy sweaters for comfy flips.

So this year I plan to revel fully in all things fall. I plan to be the biggest pig in the pumpkin spice puddle.
So to start things off right, this week on the blog I'll be sharing fun ways to celebrate the first full week in this delicious season.
First up, a throw-back video I created featuring 2 of my favorite ways to preserve those soon to be changing leaves.  The yellow maples are my favs. and I'm lucky enough to have loads of those in my neighborhood.

Hope this vid. inspires you to get out and collect the ones you love and then playfully preserve them for all of your upcoming fall celebrations.
Happy Fall, Ya'll!

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