Oct 7, 2015

5 Purposeful Acts of Playfulness That Will Make Your Day.

Noticing or creating even one purposeful act of playfulness per day will awaken your inner 8 year old, ignite your own creativity (it's in there, I promise), and pretty much just make your day.
 Don't just get through this day, play with it a little, too. Here are 5 simple ways to do that TODAY!  And only one will cost you... a couple bucks.

5 Purposeful Acts of Playfulness that will make your day.

1. On your lunch break or afternoon coffee run, stop at a local playground, sit your arse on a swing and pump high and FLY for 10 minutes. You will feel totally ridiculous if you're there alone. Ridiculous is good.

2. Buy a box of cupcake mix at the grocery store along with icing and sprinkles. Bake and decorate them tonight for dessert in honor of someone's birthday, somewhere. *Bonus points for putting candles in them, dimming the lights, and singing "Happy Birthday dear somebody" .

3. Watch your FAVORITE Disney movie tonight after homework and practices. Even if it's just you, or your kids are "too big" for The Incredibles.  Studies show no one is too big for The Incredibles.

4. Skip down the sidewalk with or without your kids. (I dare you not to lol while in mid-skip).

5. Play dress-up.  Yep, put on that tutu, crown, cowgirl outfit, crazy wig, whatever ya got and really GO THERE for 20 minutes with your little minions.  Then, drop the mic, go make dinner and have a glass of wine cause you just blew your kids' minds and lifted your own spirit in the process.

Comment below (I enjoy comments), and tell me one purposeful act of playfulness that makes YOUR whole dang day!

#BeWellPlayed, folks.
It makes you a better human.


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